I am writing this blog for a little girl named Ayn van Dyk of Abbotsford, British Columbia….Canada.

She is a little girl with autism who was taken from her home by the government’s social welfare agency, when she was 9 years old. She has now had her 10th birthday and she has still not been returned to her loving home.

She had the misfortune of getting out of the backyard or house and being found sometime later in a neighbor’s backyard. Because of this, her father was said to be unfit to care for her, and said since he had other children they were taking custody of Ayn!

The picture that I have put up has a website on it that you can go to for full information.  I can’t remember all the details. I do know that it was approximately a year before the father or the mother was even allowed to have any contact with her. The welfare system started her on medications that the parents had no right to agree or disagree with. It certainly changed her personality and vitality.

As I said I don’t have all the details at my fingertips, just some of the basics.  There was finally a hearing a few months ago, but Ayn was not returned to her family. Her mother has been allowed to see her as I understand it but not her father still. She was living with her father.

The reason that I’m writing this is that I can’t imagine having my child arbitrarily taken from me and the only home that they had known. With Ayn having autism she must wonder what has been happening to her, and having all kinds of ideas in her little head as to WHY this has happened. Any child would wonder, but with the autism as well it’s got to have been very scary and uncertain for her.

I can’t believe with the child abuse that is going on, why this agency felt the need to take a little child from her natural home and her parents. She was not in any way abused. Any one of us as parents, had occasions when we would temporarily lose track of where our kids were, even for a short time. It happens…it happens to all parents. What if our children had been taken away from us?

Petitions have been drawn up and many people have taken an interest and do car.  I believe that the only way Ayn is ever going to get home again is for the pressure to be kept on.

I realize my blog will most likely be seen by those in the USA, but it could happen anywhere.

My hope is that you will visit the website on the picture   http://www.justice4ayn.com and just do something if you feel led to do so.

My prayer is…. God willing…. that this blog will somehow make a difference.

2 thoughts on “JUSTICE FOR AYN

  1. What a horrible nightmare! It’s really scarey that the government can do something like that. Take your child away for something that honestly can happen to any parent. We all have stories where one or other of our kids ran out the front door right after their bath buck naked, etc. It boggles the mind to think that something like this has gone on. I will go visit that site.


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