Should I be Bold or Should I be Silent?

Yes I am a Christian saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ. BUT… I am not a theologian, minister of the word, or very knowledgeable in the Bible.  I’m not saying that I don’t know any scripture, but I’m no expert.

I know that we are to live, and spread the Gospel but sometimes I am afraid to step out of my comfort zone of being a Christian to actually talk openly to others that are not of the faith…or those that believe they know God…but through what they say, they don’t know the part that Christ pays in fully being a Christian.

So often God is mentioned in conversations and I want to shout out something like ‘but you’re missing an important aspect of who and what God stands for and asks of us. I don’t want to seem overly zealous or overly ‘religious’ so I often remain low-key  in any response that I make.

When I do venture and say a bit more than expected, often times the atmosphere becomes either very quiet or very argumentative. I don’t think that the Lord wants me to engage in that kind of atmosphere, and so I back off and let things settle back to what they were.

If I’m in a private one on one talk with someone who I know is not a Christian by what they are saying, I will often go a little further in expressing my faith. Often though people are polite, and think it’s very nice that I believe what I believe, but still don’t get it and I wonder what kind of example I am as a follower of Christ.

So the question remains…should I be out-and-out bold with telling it like it is, instead of trying to ease into the truth of Salvation, or should I know my limitations and try to live my faith instead of the proverbial…’trying to shove it down their throats’? Maybe I want things to happen instantly and should be content that the seed is planted, even though it may be watered by someone else!

Do others feel the same, or am I just too silent and not bold enough?

4 thoughts on “Should I be Bold or Should I be Silent?

  1. Thanks, I think I knew that I just have to live my life by faith …I won’t shy away if someone asks me about God or faith but I don’t believe that I personally am called to ‘evangelize’ in the strongest sense of the word…except as you say by my actions and my prayers…Diane


  2. i have learned to just live by faith, it is not us who reveals him anyway it is him through us, and people will watch and see differences even if you feel you are being no different. just be, rest in him, and when the time is right, he will bring one (or more) to you. i see it as, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” not our preaching.
    Blessings to you as you long to see people you care about saved.


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