Meaning What We Say

This is meant to be just a short post on meaning what we say, and saying what we mean.

One of the things that we say …but do we mean it…is …”My prayers are with you” or “I will pray for you”.

I think our hearts are in the right place and we are truly feeling sorrow for perhaps the health of someone, or the passing of someone, or some sort of situation that a person that we know is facing, but at some point I really stopped in my tracks to speak and I thought…”Am I saying a prayer for that person“? or “Have I done what I said that I would do”? or did I say that to make that person feel better….. and did I feel that by saying I would pray for them...that I had done so?

Does that make sense or am I confusing you?

Now I am very conscious that if I say to a person that I will,  or have prayed for them….then I make sure that I have taken whatever time it takes to actually say a prayer.

Another less spiritual example is when children have done something wrong and we give them a consequence for doing so. But then after perhaps saying they are grounded from outside activities other than necessary ones for a certain length of time, or can’t watch television for a period of time….somehow it ends up we don’t follow through. It turns out there is a special movie on that all their friends are going to on Saturday…or there is a favorite program that they ALWAYS watch every week and “can’t they please just watch that one program”? etc etc.

I believe it is essential that when we say something we follow through with it. Otherwise it is just lip service and doesn’t mean what it should.

And in the instances of raising children they will think that consequences really don’t come to fruition, and we all know that is a great fallacy. We need to have constancy and consequences in our lives.

10 thoughts on “Meaning What We Say

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    • Thanks for the affirmation.

      Because this was an important ‘revelation’ to me at some point and put it into a’s one I though I would share on face book (which i’ve only done once before). The only person to put a comment on..kinda took offense to what I was saying…they believed it they were thinking of the persons’ need, or situation that it was the same as a prayer…and that you didn’t need to clasp your hands and pray, or go to Church to say a prayer..I explained that of course did not entail going to church etc….. And while I knew what he was saying…. I KNEW what he was saying …I left it at that.. I think it’s so easy to have that thought..even as Christians


      • it is..i got the revelation in my teens when i got sick of people just saying it, and knowing full well they wern’t going to do it…i decided that day, i wasn’t going to do that to people. now people know, if i say i am going to pray that i will…as a result, it’s hard to keep up with the prayer requests! but i love it!


    • Hi! Thanks for your comment..

      Maybe every Christian at some point becomes aware that often we have done this without noticing and then at some point we ask ourselves …did I pray for them …when I said I would? God eventually brings this to our attention thankfully.


  2. I have often thought exactly the same thing… which is why when I’m talking to somebody and they’re sharing about something that would need prayer, I don’t say, “I’ll pray for you.” I say, “Let me pray for you right now” and then I offer up a prayer. When I’m emailing people and they’ve shared the same sort of stuff, my response is to include a prayer in my email. That way, I HAVE done what I said that I would do… and if, later on, God brings them to mind then I will pray for them again. Immediate prayers — that’s what I try to do and that’s what I actually prefer from other people. Most people would rather offer up words of advice than words of prayer. I’ll take prayer over advice ANY day.

    When people say that they’ll pray for me, I’ve been known to respond by saying, “Why don’t you pray for me RIGHT NOW!” It takes some people aback, but they will always get over it and pray, so we’re both blessed by it. 😉


    • Thanks….you’ve emphasized to me again how necessary it is to do the praying right there and then through an email or ‘blog’. I think God would much rather have even a shortened prayer in the ‘present’ than waiting and maybe making it more detailed sometime later.

      I’m going to remember that when I’m ‘talking’ on the phone to people that I will ask if I can say a prayer while still on the phone so that the other person might be encouraged to actually hear the prayer offered up on their behalf.

      God has been revealing things to me lately but I shouldn’t be surprised….after all I’ve been praying that He would lol Diane


  3. Re your second comment..Yes Ha!….I guess we all got away with a certain amount when we were children but if it’s an ongoing theme and as they get older they continue to never suffer the consequences of their bad choices…I think it can lead to problems in their adult life. Thanks for commenting….Diane


  4. I totally understand what you are saying about telling people you will pray for them. I find that we just say that ad then forget. My old youth pastor spoke on this issue once and the advice he gave was to pray for them right there instead of telling them you WILL pray for them. Even if I am talking to someone on the phone or on the computer and the situation comes up, I pray for them and then tell them that I PRAYED for them and will continue to do so.

    I laughed at the second part of your post because when I was little, my parents would always “ground” me but then very next day, they would forget about it (so would I) and I was never actually grounded! haha


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