Some Things are Not Easy to Reason

While reading God’s word tonight, I was thinking that even though all of the situations that we might run into, in our lives such as how we should live, how we should act, how we should treat others, that while the answers are in the Bible in specific scriptures, it is not always easy to ‘read between the lines’.

For example we know the ten commandments in the Old Testament,  and in the New Testament being summarized …that we should love God with our whole heart, mind and spirit, and love our neighbors as ourselves and in these two commandments hang all the laws and the prophets. These are given to guide us and direct us.

However, some answers we seek are not so cut and dried as others are. For example I know that the Lord honors marriage and ‘hates’ divorce. But it is not always clear in my mind that one should never divorce…just that God hates it. There is other scripture that is more rigid however I know that says divorce should only be for adultery or if an unbeliever leaves the marriage.

When vows are made at the time of marriage, they should be considered sacred, but unfortunately some that make those vows don’t have any idea of what they are saying. There are many rough roads ahead and a lot of people aren’t ready for them.

There are many valid reasons I believe for divorcing other than adultery….ranging from abuse, disrespect and the fact that there were just some bad choices made sometimes by one or both partners in the marriage, that have caused it not to work right anymore. Perhaps, the marriage should never have taken place, but it did because of wrong reasons that may have seemed right at the time.  I believe personally that God would rather have those involved live a full and rewarding and happier life, than to stay in a marriage where love does not prevail anymore or abuse and terror reign. Yes, and I believe it even if they are Christians as well. Would it be better to remain together and both live miserably…together and even have their children see the lack of love between their parents or worse? I’m not saying that divorce should be the first choice, without considering other alternatives, or without a great deal of prayer. Just that sometimes ‘scrambled eggs can’t be unscrambled’ by man.

Okay, and what if for some reason the two people cannot get a divorce for unusual or exceptional reasons?  Should they both never marry again or love someone else again? The Bible does say that those people commit adultery if they should  have another relationship. But  are there extenuating circumstances that can’t be avoided?

There are other instances where it is not clear cut what our decisions must be. For example when you have wronged somebody, scripture says that you should ask forgiveness from the person you have wronged. But what if by doing so you hurt that person more by telling them what you have done, when they were not aware of it. So then you must hold in your heart, the fact that you have not done what you should have done according to what is written in the Bible. But is this not better than hurting someone else?

Is it possible that there are indeed some ‘grey’ or ‘unspecified’  areas and not so black and white…. in our lives when we must do what we think is right, after praying and listening to the Holy Spirit?  If we have a peace that what we are doing is right, then is it up to anyone else to judge us for making what they consider to be inappropriate or just plain wrong choices?

I think not….because it is ultimately the Lord’s decision to either correct and ‘convict us in our hearts’ if we’re wrong in our thinking, or to judge us, or to forgive us.

Just some thoughts that I have had from time to time and tonight again in particular.

6 thoughts on “Some Things are Not Easy to Reason

  1. One specific on this: ‘I hate divorce, says the Lord, and a man’s covering himself with violence like a cloak.’ [that last bit varies a lot depending on the translation]. I take that to mean that one is not required to stay in an abusive marriage.
    and yet – I know of someone who did stay in such a marriage after God had given them a word from Jeremiah 42 to stay. And things got better – still not the end of the story – they are still looking for an outcome like Tony described.


    • There are many extenuating circumstances for a person deciding to stay in a marriage with prayer and as you say God laid it on her heart to do so….if it’s physical or badly mental abuse and there are children though for most cases I would think it would not be good to put them through it and suffer the repercussions…..Diane


  2. Just make sure to not forget Jesus in the eqation. I have seen mariages that I have wondered how they stayed together and yet they did just that, stay together. I can think of a story where a woman’s husband turned gay and she was getting ready to file for divorce when the Lord spoke to her and said that she had every right to get a divorce, however, if she stayed with the marriage and intercede for her husband, he would become a mighty man of God. She did and he is. God is the God of our hard place where it is He and He alone that can save us.


  3. Reblogged this on hometogo232 and commented:

    I wrote this several months ago awhile after beginning blogging, and for reasons of my own thought that I would reblog it. I know there will be very differing opinions on this, but it’s what I believe…Diane


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