A Good Ending

Well, it has been a long time in coming but it is finally here!

I have finally been able to stop my Anti-Depressant medication. It has been likely 30 years that I have taken some form of one. In other blogs I have talked about my struggle throughout the years with depression, and have had therapists, psychiatrists, group therapy and yes even shock therapy.

Throughout all of these types of ‘help’ throughout my years of ‘darkness’ there has always been this ever-present medication.

Don’t get me wrong, it has had its’ place among the other medical help that I received, and for the past few years I was on more of a maintenance dose. Having had such a long time with the struggle of depression, I became used to taking it. I hesitated to ever stop completely, because there was always a sub-conscious feeling that perhaps it was a life-time commitment that I should just accept.

I finally decided and with my doctor’s approval, to wean myself off and then totally stop taking the pills. I hate to use the word pills……medication seems to sound better, but pills is was!

Of all the help that I received over the years, I must give thanks to the Lord  for giving me such a wonderful Christian doctor, who recognized fully my depression, and the need for the medication, but who also gave me a different type of help,  and that was cognitive therapy with prayer and recognition of God and the healing process. All combined has finally brought me to the point where I can look at my life now and totally feel good about it. Not that I live in an ivory tower….there are still issues in living that have difficulties, but the fact that I feel I can handle them now without the feeling that I will go back to that terrible place, that anybody who has ever been depressed can attest to………….. is wonderful.

I feel like celebrating an end of a very long era of my life. Thank you to all who have helped to bring me to this place, but most importantly a very special doctor and an ever-loving and ever- patient God!




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