“Life isn’t a bowl of Cherries”

That phrase “Life isn’t a bowl of Cherries”, was quoted to me when I had handed in my resignation from my very first job.I was only 18 years old.  I had decided to do so because I thought I had been unjustly passed over for a supervisory position and I was angry and hurt. I told my Manager about it, and I guess she thought I was over-reacting.

I guess I was more hurt than anything and somewhat embarrassed by the reason that I was given. I had been seen by another supervisor in the ladies washroom, crying because I was upset over a situation in our family. They had ruled me emotionally not ready for extra responsibility. Even though I didn’t think so at the time,  maybe they were right.

At the time I hated leaving. It was shortly after being married and  I had been so sure I was going to get that job. That was to be one the many disappointments that affected my well-being emotionally….not that it should have, as one needs to know how to handle things that don’t work out the way they think they should.

There were to be many more times in my life that I would feel unappreciated and that would lead me into a place that was not healthy mentally, and eventually contribute to depression that was to be a companion for many years. Times I felt alienated by one or more people. I wondered why those people did not like me. I questioned myself and my personality, and eventually came to the conclusion I was not only not perfect, but flawed very severely. And the more I delved, the more I found wrong with myself.

When I was going through one of the roughest times in my life, I was surrounded by Christians, as I worked for a Christian organization. I couldn’t somehow get used to the fact that not only I wasn’t perfect but neither were the others that I worked with. What a surprise eh?

It took a great deal of emotional,spiritual and physical help to get me through that time.

My prayers didn’t seem to be helping the situation and I didn’t understand why. It took a long time to figure out some of what was wrong.

Not only was I expecting ‘perfection’ from myself, but I was doing so of others as well. Any time we do this we are setting ourselves up for a fall. And I certainly had fallen hard. It seemed like such a long time and yet in God’s eyes it must have been just a ‘moment.’

So, my Manager was right…life is certainly not a bowl of cherries....although I’m not sure why that phrase is used in order to say…life isn’t always easy…. Life isn’t easy, it’s work and it’s patience and understanding and a whole lot of other things.

So before you ever get to that place of feeling down and neglected and unappreciated, don’t over analyze yourself. Instead ask God to help you feel your worth in His eyes and while you can’t overlook your imperfections don’t dwell on them.

Push on as Paul said toward the ‘goal’. And experience God’s love for you.

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