I was just thinking again the other day about the manners or lack of that are so prevalent these days.

Whatever happened to the customer being an important person? I usually try to understand if a sales clerk is not as polite as I feel they should be doing the job they are doing. There is often no eye contact and she/he takes your money, puts your item in a bag, gives you a receipt and then they are on to the next person. I think to myself, well they’re tired or they had a customer that was frustrating etc. etc….so I will go out of my way to make a comment or make an effort to be extra pleasant. BUT shouldn’t they do the same, and get past their own feelings about things bothering them, and at least acknowledge you? I never was fully agreeable to the phrase ‘the customer is always right’ but I worked at many jobs that you had to believe it. After all, you accepted that job knowing that you would be dealing with people at their best and worst.

Then there are the people who seem to forget common courtesy taught to them (hopefully) by their parents.

Two of you meet in an aisle and one has to give way. I find that 9 out of 10 times that I am the one who does so. And the person makes no attempt to say ‘thank you’ or an “excuse me”.

What about when you are driving and you allow some other car to merge into your lane when you have the right of way…and there is no ‘wave’ of appreciation.

Then there are the people who are blocking you from passing by, and they see you struggling to do so, and make no attempt to move aside a bit. Sometimes after a ‘meek’, “excuse me” they reluctantly move a little.

Many times making contact with companies to make inquiries and waiting for the voice mail to finish, and trying to follow their directions, you finally get to talk to a real person, only to find that they don’t seem to like their job because their tone of their voice and the abrupt way they talk to you makes you feel like such a nuisance.

Okay, so the above comments seem negative, and I guess they are. But we’re all here on this earth and I believe that God intends us to help edify each other. Smile more, and put a smile in your voice when you talk to others. Hold that door for the next person instead of letting it slam in their face. Use common courtesies that most parents teach their children when growing up.

And okay, when that sales clerk isn’t polite try to understand, and not be impolite back to get even by treating her the same way.

So let’s remember the teaching of our mothers and fathers and the Lord. Treat each other as you would like to be treated. The ‘golden rule’ !!

And also …blessings to those that work in difficult jobs that do it with grace and tact.

2 thoughts on “MANNERS PLEASE !

  1. That is sooo true ..there was a time when I didn’t do that enough…and I don’t know why, but I became aware of it…and realized my husband and my family deserved ‘thank you’s’ and ‘please’s’ as much or more than anyone else..even for small things that are done for us. ..the most important people in my life after all….Diane


  2. Love this post – so true. And really if people would remember common courtesy. Not only with the sales clerks, customers and the people in the aisles or driving but with their partners.. I have seen so many people throw courtesy out the window to the one person they no matter what should be giving the utmost repsect and courtesy to…how many marriages and , relationships and friend ships have been lost to a lack of courtesy.


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