How many times in our lives do we ask ourselves the question…’WHAT IF’?  Often it will cross my mind how different my life would have been IF….I hadn’t lived where I did and met my husband at the local grocery store?

What if we had broken up the one or two times we considered a temporary break?

…. we hadn’t made all the moves we did?

….we hadn’t had our children as early as we did in our marriage?

…. he hadn’t started working finally at the job he ended up doing for 30 years.

…. we hadn’t made the biggest move when our children were small from the east end suburb of the city, to the west end suburb of the city, where we stayed for 25 years?

There are so many aspects of our lives that would have been affected. Some of them very important issues. One of the more important ones is that my husband and I would not be sitting here in our retirement years, now married almost 49 years…. I’m giving away my age now. We may not have had such a beautiful family and grandchildren and even a great grandchild.

Well of course I don’t believe it was fate, but God’s plan for us all. There are those that believe in coincidences, or that it was just fate, and not a divine will of of our Creator. It boggles my mind that our God cares enough about each of his children to watch over and direct our paths as He does, to those that allow Him to do so that is.

There were many times in our lives that we could have gone our own way….the easier way, than to do what the Holy Spirit inside was telling us. Our human instinct even as Christians due to pride or hurt or confusion tends to want some kind of justice when we feel we have been treated unjustly. Thankfully, speaking for myself, I am so grateful for listening to that small, still voice inside, instead of reacting to just my feelings.

If I was to give any advice to those anticipating marriage, or those needing to make a big decision, of course I would say for them to pray about it. But in addition I would say, listen to that voice inside that some call intuition but Christians call it the Holy Spirit gently whispering to you, the way to proceed. Because if you just react without doing so it may be wrong for you.

And you won’t be sitting in your chair, confident in the decisions that you made and thanking God for being where you are now.

5 thoughts on “DECISIONS DECISIONS ???

    • Good thought and thanks for your comment. …I’m not too sure where we start realizing that we need to really step back and examine whether our decision is going to be a plus or possibly a minus..When we’re younger we don’t always doe that.,,,having said that I’m glad I made the decisions I did…..Diane


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