Prayers As Yet Unanswered

We have all experience times when our prayers are not answered right away or the answer is not what we expected. What happens when we pray and we really feel that we are in God’s will for the desired outcome, but the answer seemingly isn’t coming? We are left wondering why? We wonder if there is something in our life that isn’t right and that is the reason….or perhaps we have seriously misled ourselves into believing it falls within God’s will and it really doesn’t….or perhaps the timing is not right and the answer will come still yet but NOT yet!

Is our faith wavering because of this confusion? Are we being tested? What is the reason?

There are several Christians that I know who are maybe asking themselves these questions right now. They may not be..I wouldn’t want to suggest I know what they are thinking. But I have to admit that I am wondering just now why certain prayers have not yet been answered.

There are financial, job and health issues involved. I don’t want to make prayers complicated, as I believe since God already knows what we ask there is not a need to go into a long explanatory prayer. And yet somehow I find myself explaining more details of why the answers are needed sooner than later. As if He doesn’t know when or how they need to be answered.

I end up feeling as though I am trying to tell God what to do, and then I feel disappointed in myself. I usually end up asking for forgiveness in doing so. By this time I am totally confused and that’s not a good way to feel when praying to your Heavenly Father.

God’s answers to prayer are yes, no, or not yet. And I understand the ‘no’ is usually because our request would not be in our best interest. That is taken into consideration when I pray, but when you believe that is definitely not the case, and I am praying with accordance to His will, I do admit I am befuddled.

God doesn’t want me to feel this way but why are these prayers yet unanswered?



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