When God Starts Something He Really Does !!

My previous post was about how God through the Holy Spirit has been prodding and challenging me to find a way to make time for reading His Word more. Also to pray more  fervently than my prayers have been lately.

Well this past week especially I’ve had reason to delve into the Bible to find answers to some questions and then because of the decision made, to take that time that He’s been asking me to.

Along with this I’ve had the good fortune of interacting with some wonderful ‘bloggers’. I’ve been reading so many of their posts, most significantly those of a Christian nature. Well, I’ve learned that there is so much that I don’t know, and also to just read others’ views about God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

My faith was tested last week by interacting with some who are not Christian and made me so aware that there are many who are living in the moment and who do… not only don’t think they need a Savior but do not WANT a Savior and who challenged me to my very soul. I was feeling very ‘attacked’ and felt that it was by the devil himself. But I felt my faith grow inside me, because I had to stand up for it. I was going to say defend, because in  fact I was in the chair of the accused…guilty of being a Christian and promoting same.

I will continue to read other categories of blogging as well, because perhaps I will find someone that I should be interacting with who is not a Christian, but yet with whom we may have something in common to speak on.

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

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