Life is too short to allow those in your life who don’t treat you well, to remain there at least till they change.

….. to harbor anger or hate in your heart. Give it away and if you can….forgive. It will ease your pain.

….. to give the past ills of life, any power in your present or future.

….. not to make the most of every day the Lord gives you on this earth.

….. to not laugh as hard and as often as you possibly can.

….. to not appreciate your friends for the joy they bring to you.

….. to not make that phone call to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.

….. to not sit and color in a coloring book with that special child.

….. to not take an interest in the teenagers that you know. Ask them what is going on.

….. to never know what owning and loving a pet is like, and the fun they bring to you.

….. to never taste and enjoy a chocolate, butterscotch or strawberry sundae.

….. to not take a chance with loving someone.

….. to never read a good book.

….. to not think of those that live in dire poverty, and not do anything at all to help.

….. to worry about what others think of you. Be who you think you should be.

….. not to tell those who mean the most to you, that you love them.

Finally, life is too short to ignore or neglect the Lord, who gave you life and gave His life for you.

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