Happy 2012

Well, in less than one and a half hours it will be a new year..2012. All the usual hopes and dreams can start anew, for there is in our minds a new beginning. A year in which we hope we can expect to make necessary changes for our betterment such as losing some unwanted pounds, or stopping a bad habit such as smoking etc. We secretly hope that there will be some good surprises for us in this new year. Perhaps some new-found wealth or better health than we’ve had recently.

There is an excitement that can’t really be put into words….just a feeling. We wonder about the future even though we cannot know for a certainty that anything that will happen. Perhaps a relationship that hasn’t been right will be made better. Perhaps that promotion or job we’ve been after will come through. There is much that we wonder about.

There is almost but not quite the anticipation of Christmas in a child’s eyes. I feel it even as I sit here celebrating quietly 12 am when the clock tells us it will be 2012.

So a happy and prosperous and healthy New Year to all. May all your dreams for the year come true!

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