Mom….Miss You and Love You

I‘m thinking of my mother today. I know I have written of her previously, but she is on my mind. She has been gone now for 24 years.

I am reminded almost daily of how wonderful and loving a woman she was. She was born on a farm and had graduated the equivalent of Grade 12 at a very young age. Of course school was a lot different back then. She continued her education on a daily basis from that point on. Reading brought her not only delight but also much wisdom and learning. For as long as I can remember she was always engrossed in a book, when she was not busy with household or other work. That was her way of relaxing whenever the world got too much. She read at least one or two books a week. Thank goodness for libraries.

She could have been a graduate of a refinement school. People she met always respected her and she could speak on any topic that was raised.. I am so grateful that even though her life was so filled with raising children and working to make ends meet, she always took a little time for herself. And that was not easy with 10 children.

I honestly never remember anyone not liking my ‘Mom’. I guess that was my goal in life…but alas I met lots of people who didn’t really like me. I would suppose she did too, but I just never knew.

It is folly to hope that everyone will like you. Personalities differ and clash no matter what. It took me a long time to realize this and I often tried too hard to make everyone my friend. Finally I recognized that you can’t try…it either happens or it doesn’t.

My mother instilled in me and her other children a respect for other people…almost to a fault, as I used to say sometimes…if she bumped into a pole by mistake she would most likely apologize..without thinking. That was not said in a mean way, just that she automatically apologized to people. Note this picture here is one taken when I would have been only 8 or so . (The picture was copied in 1965)

I once thought someday I’d write a book about her. I thought I would call it “The age of Grace”. Because that’s how I remember her…full of grace and love.

In her final years, while she lost the ability to walk and to talk, she still was the lady she always was…and I miss and love her and always will and we will see each other some day, of that I am sure.

15 thoughts on “Mom….Miss You and Love You

  1. This was such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

    “My mother instilled in me and her other children a respect for other people…almost to a fault, as I used to say sometimes…if she bumped into a pole by mistake she would most likely apologize..without thinking.” — I like that. My mom is like that as well.

    And, “The Age of Grace!” How beautiful. 🙂


    • Hi..okay here they are ..I hope somewhere there is some insight received..1.The Darkness Jan 2012, 2.A Good Ending March 2012 3. How the Other Side Thinks March 2012 4. I Didn’t Mean to Do it March 2012 5. Cluttered Mind Cluttered Spirit (Diane)


  2. Hi, I read your blog on your mother and ‘about you’ and I’ll read more later on….With regard to your son’s battle….I would be more than willing to share some thoughts…I am doing a blog on Wed. as it is Mental Health Awareness month in May and on that day..people who have had some form of it are asked to write about it. Maybe he will find some help in it. I have written blogs on some of my feelings previously, on how I felt and dealt in some cases…I can give you the names and month I wrote these if he would care to read them.. Just reading them he may realize that there are many others that have or are feeling some of the things he is/has, and that he is not alone. I don’t want to push them at you but I’ll tell you of them if you want them. But watch for my blog on Tues/Wed…Diane


  3. Thank you for sharing. I am empathising with you this Mother’s day. I lost my mother to cancer and loved her deeply. She was abusive for my whole childhood until she came to know Jesus. I just wrote her story down as well on Also saw you wrote about battling depression. My 21 year old son has battled as well and would love it if you would be willing to share any advice on overcoming. I feel very fortunate to have found your blog…very inpspiring and refreshing.


  4. Thank you for your comments…what you said about befriending everyone…I remember telling my children to watch for others in their class who didn’t have many/any friends and to try and be friends with them…how would they feel etc etc….one reason being that when I was in school we moved so much I didn’t have time to get to know the kids well and so often found myself alone at recess time….Diane


  5. Diane, she sounds like a wonderful woman. I have tried to teach my children to first please God. All others must wait in line. I have also tried to tell them to befriend everyone. What’s the saying? One person doesn’t make your world, but you may just be the world to one person? Something like that. I’ll bet your Mom was proud of you. Sandy


  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mama, who was obviously a beautiful lady in and out. And she had a beautiful, in and out daughter as well. That must’ve been difficult to the extreme, finding time for herself with 10 kids…that’s great that she did that though. Even with my 3, I had times I thought I would lose my mind. Happy Mother’s Day, Diane.


    • Thank you for your very kind comment. I had 3 as well and like you I don’t still to this day know how she managed to raise 10 children and with me being the last one, she still had more than enough love and patience left. …Diane


  7. Reblogged this on hometogo232 and commented:

    This is the 2nd post I am doing because it speaks of my mother who I have written quite a bit about. I wrote this back shortly after starting to blog….am doing this because Mother’s Day is this weekend. The picture at the beginning is one that I love ..of her probably in her teenage years.


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