Throw Away the Christmas Paper

The presents have been opened and officially Christmas Day is past for another year.

We can hope that while the ‘Day’ is over, perhaps the sentiments that abound at this time of year won’t fade away. There really is a difference in the way people respond to one another. There are more smiles, and good will passed to each other. If we can express ourselves in this positive way for a month or two during the season, why is it impossible to do it the other 11 months of the year? Isn’t is more pleasant to greet each other with a smile instead of a worried or stressful look on our faces? Sometimes while shopping even, we are so unaware of those around us.

I happen to be a ‘people watcher’ as I explained to my husband recently. I have truly begun to look at people and have in my mind perhaps by their looks or actions that they might have a lot on their minds. I wonder what that might be and sometimes if it seems very evident that they do have a lot to deal with…such as maybe a mother or father with 3 or 4 children with them…I’m even motivated to say a little prayer for their well-being. That may seem extreme, but I’ve just decided to notice more when we seem to be hurrying and scurrying around.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t realize there are so many that have the same or much more to handle.

All I’m trying to say is that the world might be a better place if we took time to ‘smell the roses’ so to speak. To realize that in so many ways we are so like our fellow-man. And wouldn’t we like to see a smile on someone’s face rather than a frown when going to and fro’.

So, Christmas Day is over and the gifts opened, and yes it’s time to throw away all the Christmas Paper….but lets keep some of the Christmas Spirit in our hearts and minds during the year to come.

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