Just Who am I ??

How do we appear to others? That’s a question I think we ponder all of our lives, beginning when we are old enough to care. As children we are just who we are, and don’t worry about such things.

But then when we reach the age of wondering who we are, and what others think about us it is then that appearances start to matter.

We start looking at others and start comparing ourselves with them. As a 10-year-old even I became aware that I was not seemingly equal to kids my own age. They were more self-assured and dressed better and had more friends. So then, what did they think of me? And of course…BOYS….what did they think? I thought that I knew however.

As a young woman, did I live up to what people thought I should be or act? Did they approve of me as a person or did they laugh at me behind my back for my shortcomings?

When I became a wife and mother how did I compare with other wives and mothers. Did I seem like I was doing a good job? Did my children’s behaviour indicate that I was? And then as my children became adults, what did they think of me?

While working at the various jobs that I had, what did my co-workers and employers think of me?

As a Christian,how did my Pastor and fellow Christians view my behaviour?

I now admit that too much time was spent on ‘worrying’ about what others thought of me. It took too many years to discover this fact. And it must have impacted my self-esteem to a great degree, because all that time that was spent wondering what was really going through my own mind was, that somehow I did not measure up to who I should have been.

Now, I realize that worrying about ‘appearance’ should not invade your thoughts or you won’t enjoy life as you should.

Now I know, that through the Grace of God I am who I appear to be…nothing more and nothing less. I think like a child again!

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