I am sitting here thinking about my life, my family, my friends. Melancholy is how you might describe my mood at the moment. We go along and live our lives and deal with each day as it comes, and I guess that’s how it should be. The past holds its memories and lessons learned from it. The good lessons learned you know sometimes long after, the bad ones you just want to forget they ever happened.

The future you cannot know regardless of what fortune tellers want you to believe, with their generalities of love, wealth and a ‘tall handsome man’ coming into your life!  I don’t want to know the future. Well, I’ll qualify that last remark. I do admit I sometimes want to know that I won’t be incapacitated in my later years, so that I can’t take care of myself. There, I’m being honest, even though I will never know that for sure. It’s more of a prayer.

I remember my mother saying many times in her life that very same thing. For her unfortunately her wish or prayer did not come true. Although the years she spent in a nursing home in her latter years, were perhaps more than any of us could ever know. For I now think that perhaps those years were maybe spent in a special relationship with the Lord. While she couldn’t communicate with those of us who loved her, I imagine her having quite the conversations with Him and/or the Angels sent by him to minister to her.

Therefore I should not and will not fear the future or what it holds. I will wait each day to see what comes my way, and deal with it one day at a time.

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