Friendships of All Kinds …Memories

I was recently thinking of how fortunate I am for the friends that I currently have or people who have been in my life at one time or another and have befriended me.From the years in your life when you are very young, friends are important to us.

Kids to play with, to laugh with, to go to a birthday party with…these are the very first examples of what having friends do for us. I remember a time in my life when we did not have a television but one of my friends who did, invited me over every week when Superman was on. Sometimes we’d watch another show or two, but I remember ‘Superman’. I remember having a birthday party and even though we weren’t as well off as other families, my friends were still there for me and would come to my party.

I remember in my pre-teen and teenage years finding certain people who I could relate to in spite of my shyness and insecurities. There seemed to be those certain few that accepted me. I always felt somehow ‘different’ than most kids my age because there was only my mother and no father in our family. It was as though there was a stigma not having a normal family and so I didn’t fit in all circles. One of those friends I still keep in touch with at least at Christmas. We don’t live close so a note once a year sometimes is all we manage, but that friendship is always present as though time stands still.

The next phase of friendship is the years of marriage and having children who are small. You meet other young parents in the same phase of life, and you have a bond for those years. We are very fortunate to have kept in touch with one couple through many years. Sometimes we lived far away, and then we would find that we were living close enough again at times, and would carry on right where we left off. They are more now like family than friends. And if we don’t hear for a while from them or vice-verse we know that there is some temporary situation that is going on that hinders communication, but knowing that we will hear eventually. There is no panic that the friendship has disappeared.

Then there are the friendships we develop while in the working world. There are those we are very close to during the working years, but then after leaving or retiring they are mostly memories that we keep. Sometimes we are fortunate to keep close ties with some we have worked with. Then we have the memories but we also make new times to remember in a non-working environment. I am blessed to have such a friend in my life now, and we really enjoy each others’ company.

There are also friends and neighbors that are outside of work that we become close with and enjoy neighborly socializing and  camaraderie with.

Of course one important friendship occurs if you are blessed with siblings. I had 9 brothers and sisters and we were all were one big happy and discombobulated a family as I suppose you would ever find. At this point in my life I have only one brother and one sister who have not passed on. We try to keep as much in touch as we can with one another. My relationship with my sister has and always will be one of the most special of my life. We have been through good times, bad times, and very bad times together. And we almost know what each other is thinking. She is my ‘angel’ here on earth.

The second last type of friendship that I will speak of is that of our grown children. When they are young, you have the parent child relationship and all that incurs. But when they have been raised and have their own lives, it is time to relax and be their friend as well as parent. It is a very special time and you can feel like they really enjoy being with you and knowing you as a person.

The final kind of friendship is if you have a significant ‘other’ in your life at the moment. It can be your husband or wife, or another special person that you love. Love is I think only part of a successful and happy union, in my case marriage. If there isn’t a friendship aspect as well I think we’d be missing something. Just as there is a nurturing of a marriage, I believe you have to also nurture the friendship of your relationship. I would miss that greatly.

I suppose I wasn’t really thinking clearly to leave the most important friendship till the very end, when it should have been the very first. That is the relationship between God and me through his son Jesus, an ever-present friend and there to call on whenever we need Him.

And so, there are the friendships of my life.

Post Script…This was written before I had any interaction with my blogging friends. I must include them with friendships I have gained and cherish…Diane

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