Where Did The Time Go?

I guess a lot of people ask themselves this question, and comment to others about it. It starts one day when you look in the mirror and it seems like you don’t recognize yourself all of a sudden. That’s the first time I realized a lot of years and a lot of living had taken place. For me it started somewhere in my 40’s. But then it seemed to pass for quite a while, and just surfaced every so often… I don’t know why. It’s hit hard again just lately. I think it began with some pictures I looked at when I was doing some scrapbooking. I was looking at assorted pictures at different times and ages of our lives. When we were married, when we had our children and then when I was looking at some photos of our grandchildren and even one wee great-granddaughter. Here they were most of them young adults. Only 2 grandsons 13 and 11 and our other wee one at 3 years of age. We’ve gone through the process of raising our three children, with the normal things that happen I guess in most middle of the road families. There were some not so normal episodes as well, but we survived them all and are a stronger family in spite of them. That’s why I love taking, and looking at pictures. Each one represents a point in our life, memories come forth and it takes you back in time for a while. You remember with some melancholy what was happening at the time the picture was taken. You are reminded of some people in your life at that time, and you wonder where they are now and what their lives are like. You wish you could just pick up the phone and find out, but then you decide too much time and living has taken place and that you can’t go back. But you even feel as young almost, as when the picture was taken. Reality comes forth and you realize that you are now a ‘senior’ citizen…someone you couldn’t even imagine being. But it’s okay, because you’ve done the living of all those years and now you can sit back and watch others do the ‘busy things’ that they must do. Getting invited out for most special dinners such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays is also wonderful. I would suppose if we lived closer to our family and had a bigger house we would host some of these occasions, but we don’t. And so it’s nice when we can ask what we can bring such as maybe a couple of pies or a bottle of wine, and feel that we are contributing to the celebration. Yes, a lot of years have passed but it’s alright because we’re doing just fine! Having several names to be called such as Nana, Grampy, Nanny, Poppy, Mom and Dad.. are just great because it is a reminder of who we are NOW!

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