I sit here peaceful and safe in our home in Canada, and I think of the world around us here and in far off places, and tend to compare them both.

Here in Canada and North America, we truly do have problems within our society and our governments, but nothing like is experienced in countries throughout the distant lands. The strife in the Middle East is unreal in one respect, in that we cannot imagine living in such a situation such as they do, and yet it is made real because of our television ‘on the spot’ broadcasts. We see before our eyes people’s lives cut short because of shooting in the streets. It demeans life in my opinion, because each life taken touches their families, their friends, their allies and yet it is just portrayed like a ‘body’ and not a ‘person’ with hopes and dreams such as we have.

Then there are the countries that are in financial distress. Billions and even trillions of dollars in debt without a plan as to how to get out of it.

Of course there are the countries with the poorest of the poor. Not that all in those countries are poor, but somehow the ones who have nothing and are barely able to keep their families alive, are ignored or ostracized.

I feel sometimes that we have things too easy and have not been tested as those whom I have mentioned. I then realize we don’t choose where we will be born, as that is up to our creator, and it does no good to dwell on guilt….guilt accomplishes nothing.

All I believe is that my responsibility is to live the best my circumstances allow, to help when I can those in special need, to pray for those who need it near and far, to keep my heart from hardening and to keep hoping that things will get better with God’s help and ours.

Lord help me to remember all of these, thy children when I am tempted to complain.

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