Today I’m thinking of just life in general and the fact that we never know what the next day holds in store for us. We can’t know and I don’t think we would want to know. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the past and especially the times of discouragement and the bleakness of how I felt at times, it is that it is in large part due to placing the negative aspects of life in the forefront of our thinking. Worrying was once explained to me as the most useless emotion that there was. It was never going to change anything and it used up so much energy and caused emotional stress.

I believe that, and only wish I had been more aware of that fact many years ago. So much time was spent in a place of discontent because it seemed I was overcome with feelings of worry and stress and therefore not enjoying the moment. I was in the ‘if only’ mode of thinking.

There are always the times that we of course are ‘concerned’ about situations that arise but I think that’s a softer side of worry. We can’t pretend that illness or losing someone we love, or consoling a child who has lost her best friend or their ‘first love’ does not affect us somehow. It does, and those are called ‘feelings and emotions and love’.

My way of thinking now is drastically different. There are things that concern me, but my way of adapting is different. I will not spend so much time wondering ‘if only’ or ‘I should’ or ‘I want’. No, I will try with God’s help and grace to have the courage to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference, as the Serenity Prayer says.

12 thoughts on “WORRY vs SERENITY

  1. This is a great reminder Diane. Whenever I start feeling worried about things I have no control over, I remind myself to pay attention to the present moment. It works for me. I just wish I would have discovered this little trick sooner. 😀 Ah well . . .


  2. When I was Christian, I had a mentor whom I contstantly expressed worry to. It was mostly worry about whether or not God was angry with me, or if I was doing enough. She once stopped me and reminded me of the scriptures that say not to worry. She then exclaimed, “You’re sinning!” That blew me away! When I let go of the majority of worrying, it was a freedom that could never be explained. Thanks for the blog. This is a great reminder, and I think we need to be reminded of this all the time!



  3. This reminds me of a book I’ve read some time ago called “Just Stop Having
    Problems, Stupid! – The Anti-Self−Help Guide”, by Dr. Matt Leichty,
    Fake Doctor. As you tell just by its title, it’s not Christian, but it’s ideas are basically what you’ve said, because it talks about how having problems is more linked to worrying about them then being in the actual situation.


      • My grandma says to me all the time, she only allows herself a certain amount of time to worry, and then she puts into the hands of God. She is such a sweet lady.


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