Years of Challenge

My last blog I mentioned that my husband and I started our life and family with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. Being a  very young mother and father, I was 19 and my husband 22 we had a lot to learn. I won’t go into our daily struggles and joys because though there were many, I’m sure they were the same ones many others have had as well.

The years passed quickly and amidst the joys there came a particular time in our lives when the challenges were overwhelming. I was prone to depression and had suffered some setbacks during our marriage and raising the children, but this time I was almost overcome with despair and wondering how things would ever get better, or how I would ever get over the feelings that were overpowering me. I had doctor’s help and medication and even some therapy but I didn’t know if I would survive or if I even wanted to anymore.

It was a long road to recovery and if anyone reading this wonders if they can climb out of the dark portals of despair…take heart you can. With God’s help and others; my family, friends, doctors, I finally came to the conclusion the darkness wasn’t there anymore. I began to enjoy my life, family and job. It was around the same time that I discovered I had Multiple Sclerosis and it seemed there were more hills to climb even yet. I had known for some time that I didn’t feel well physically. When I realized what was the cause, it somehow helped me to know that some of the depression that I had dominated so many years, was partially caused by this illness

No one can say they are glad that they have M.S. but it was in part a relief to know that I was not also a hypochondriac…imagining the symptoms and fatigue that had plagued me for a long time. Now here was another challenge to come to terms with and I would do so.

2 thoughts on “Years of Challenge

  1. Thanks..I do feel the release finally…while I struggled with the depression I had times of respite …time to raise my children and teach them what I knew they needed to know to grow and become good ‘human beings’ if you know what I mean. Jesus most certainly helped keep me strong ‘enough’ in the midst of the storm….Diane


  2. I can understand why you struggled with depression. Depression is fear in itself, like a fear of impending trouble. Even the simplest worries of life can compoud this fear. But it seems that your relationship with Jesus Christ helped you to become an overcomer, and he built on those things from your growing up to help you become a strong woman.


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