Our Day

Our family as I said before moved a lot and so I was very shy and introverted never making friends for very long before it seemed we would be on the move again. The last few years of schooling were therefore very difficult for me and the desire or option of going to higher levels of education was not there.

My only goal was to complete and pass Grade 10 when  I would hope to get a job where my sister worked, at the Bell Telephone Company as an operator. I did so and so was ‘in the working world’ at the tender age of 16.

It took a while to come out of the protective shell I had been in. When I had been 15 I had met a young man who was to become my husband. He had helped me somewhat to build some self-esteem of which I was sadly lacking. When I turned 18 and my husband 21 we were married and soon began our family. Within 4 months of marriage I was pregnant with our first child, and 16 months after our first son was born we had our second boy. Then 3 years later a girl completed our family, and from that point on our lives were dedicated to raising these children God had blessed us with.

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