This is my second post and I’m going to give a bit of history of my early years. I was the last of 10 children born to a loving mother and a father whose presence within the family unit was undependable to say the least. By the time I was born he was not around at all, as he had finally crossed the line and was abusive to my mother. He had vices but the most troubling was alcoholism.

The information about the years before I was born was provided by my older siblings; my sisters not brothers. I guess sisters talk about these things more than with their brothers. My father as put bluntly by my oldest sister should simply never have been one. But back in the days my mother and he married this was not evident. As my oldest sister told me..”he never held any of his children and told them he loved them”

As a breadwinner he helped but there never had to be financial problems that there were because unfortunately he spent generously on alcohol and at the racetrack. Even in the depression years he did okay because he was a barber and men always got their hair cut. Sometimes my mother would get money for groceries by sending one or two of the children down to the shop and ask for it from their father in front of his clients…because he would never refuse in front of them. Not that the family starved, but it was always a struggle for my mother to make ends meet. She often did laundry or housecleaning for others to help. I will end there and continue next time.

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