Decision Made – Time Out For a Little While

I guess when I wrote the post yesterday, I had really already decided but wanted to ‘sleep on it’…. so decision made! I’m therefore taking a hiatus for a time; not sure for how long but I will be back.

When I come back and I fully intend to, it will be with the intention of writing still whatever I feel led to, but I’m hoping that it will include a broader spectrum than I’ve been able to write about lately.

As I said in my previous post, there has been quite a bit of things going on, and I think I’m tired and emotionally just strung out, and my motivation is just lacking.

I will be of course wondering what’s going on for many of you, and I hope that if you feel so inclined you will email me at

My email is of course on my blog site, in case you forget it.

Thanks for your friendship!

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if maybe others are tired of reading what you write? Do you ever think maybe you should stop writing? Probably not; and if those questions are coming to me, maybe I shouldn’t be anymore!

Maybe I’m just tired….maybe lack of concentration because of the various things happening over the past year, and it’s just catching up to me.

Maybe I’m just preoccupied in my thoughts, and have just lost what it is that motivated me to write a blog.

Maybe this and maybe that.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me the answer I need… or soon anyway!

p.s. afterthought …. not meaning to sound pathetic or anything, just my thoughts right now.


for REMEMBRANCE DAY November 11, 2015

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

I thought that I would post this prior to and leading up to Canada’s Remembrance Day, November 11, 2015.

Remembrance Day is not about war

It’s about so very much more

It’s about freedom that we share

About those who really care

Those who have given so very much

Many lives whom they have touched

They have gone to foreign lands

Many battles they withstand

Some have given up their lives

Still many others do survive

But their lives won’t be the same

Freedom though they all acclaim

While no one wants to go to war

It’s about so very much more

You and me and being free

From those who spread their tyranny

So this Remembrance day I pray

Someday peace will come our way

In the meantime, we give thanks

To those that serve in all the ranks


Russ in UniformWritten in memory of my brother Russ

Who served in the RCAF in WW11

He did come home








Image Search Tool

I was wondering if some of you might be interested, if you don’t already know, that you can do a search on the internet for a photograph.

When I use a photo sometimes in my blog, I wonder if anyone has seen it and thought maybe use if for other purposes. I don’t mean bloggers that read my post, but you know how searches can be done on the internet and find your site, and therefore your photos. There are perhaps some browsers that won’t have this, but if not they may do a search another way. This is often one of the ways, people do copyright searches.

One time when I used a particular photo of my great-granddaughter, curiosity caused me to find ‘Google Image Search’. All you do is click on the camera icon and upload the picture you want to see if it’s anywhere on the internet, and a search will bring up that photo, or similar ones that exist.

My search did not find the one I was wondering about, though it brought up similar images of some young girls.

It’s really amazing when you think of it. Anyway, here’s the link if anyone is interested.

p.s. I have been mostly absent from my blogging for the past few days and for a few more, as I’m at my sister’s place.  Some of you will recall she lost her husband, (my brother-in-law) in July of this year… Diane


From ‘Aunt Diane’

I have written a letter in the form of a poem, to my niece ‘A’. She is just 52 and is battling cancer for the third time. This time it does not seem, except for a miracle that she will overcome this latest battle. She has had much to bear in her life, having had a child who passed from a ‘crib’ death, and another born blind and deaf and severely disabled who lived until he was 11, but who was only supposed to live for 5 years or less. He was her joy!

One asks why so much for one person to handle in life? Even as a Christian we are not immune to asking those questions. And yet we know, that it is not God that wills this for her, but only that Christians are not exempt from trials and sorrows, but that we go through them with His help.

We will be seeing her in a week or so, as she and her husband decided that too many visitors on a continual basis was too much for her; too fatiguing… so have set aside a couple of days when anyone can visit her.  I was thinking of her tonight and wrote this to her! For those who believe in prayer, please do!

Dear ‘A’,

There are no words, to adequately say

What my heart is feeling today.

Can I know what’s in your mind and heart?

Can I get a glimpse and be a part?

For all who know and love you so

We feel so helpless and want to bestow

Some comfort, and yet we cannot share

The trials you’ve had so much to bear.

Your smile and spirit is ever present

Your perseverance is always evident.

You ask not for pity, I know that of you

Instead of pity, this is what I will do.

Just tell you, I love you and if it could be

Instead of you, it would be ‘me’

Truly I tell you, I would gladly exchange….

Places with you; if I could only arrange

I say this not glibly, I honestly feel

That if I could do that, I would get down and kneel

And ask God if possible, please let it be,

To take all that you bear, and please let it be me

You surely must know how much we all care

And that is because of all ‘you’ have shared


So wrap yourself, in our love and our prayers!

Love Aunt Diane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Autumn Memories

Mom, 'Brownie' camera in her hands

Mom, ‘Brownie’ camera in her hands

Autumn was Mom’s favourite time of year

So as the leaves turn bright oranges and red

Memories of her become so dear.

We’d always go, and with camera in hand

Look at God’s array of beauty

As if appearing on command.

So many years, we would go

To take photos and just admire

The brilliance all aglow.

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

My Painting of Autumn in 2015

                 As I paint this picture, here today

           I remember you with love

             In my heart, you’ll always stay

A Frustrating Day………….Sorry, grumbling!

This electronic age we are now living in, has many benefits ! We can text, email, tweet, fax and last but not least ‘phone’. Sometimes the telephone is the last option when we have no other choice. There are those of us, now speaking for myself, that worked for many years where the telephone was a large and necessary part of the job. So now, while I of course use the phone for things that are necessary, or to speak to friends and relatives; I do admit to not spending a lot of time on the phone.

However, when a business has a phone and one needs to contact them, I am so tired and frustrated by the voice mail options that are endless. I want to be able when it’s important to say “I want to speak to a real live person please!”

Even when we’re given an option to speak to a receptionist, we then get another voice message from them, indicating they can’t take the call because they’re busy, and will call back. I want to say “I’m sorry but I need to confirm something now, and I don’t know how long it will be before you decide you have time to call me back”.

What on earth even happened to business etiquette? What happened to customer service? What happened to someone caring on one end of the phone, especially when it’s a doctor’s office, that perhaps several hours or in one case the secretary indicated 3 days for non-urgent calls, to be returned; oh and don’t call back and leave more than the one message!  I want to shout sometimes, that it will only take two minutes of their time, but I really need to know now! The answer depends on what I will be doing that day, or whether or not to cancel.

What I end up doing is ‘waiting’ because after all, I don’t want to be considered a nuisance. Then they might make me wait longer.

As if you haven’t guessed, I’ve just made such a call, and have been waiting for a call back for 1 1/2 hours,  and now my husband is wondering if he’ll drive a half hour to the office to see if he can get an answer that way, so we know what we’ll be doing in the afternoon.

(cont’d later in the day) Well, around the time my husband was ready to go, we received a call with the answer we needed!

We did get to our other appointment with the information needed. Unfortunately, our appointment was for 3 pm made on Wednesday for today. We were there about 15 minutes early, and the person that we needed to help us was with a lady and that was fine. It was even fine when that appointment went 15 minutes over as one has to expect this may happen. But what wasn’t okay, was that a person who walked in without an appointment was then going to be looked after before us.

Okay, so I have always considered myself a patient person, and I really still do, because if it had been an urgent reason that they had taken this lady before, I would have understood. This wasn’t a doctor’s office, but I was going to be fitted for a new mask for my CPAP machine; a full face one instead of just a nasal mask. When I called the company the woman made an issue about having an appointment, for this kind of thing. So when this other person just walked in with a similar issue, I felt sure they would take me first.

Well, I politely said, though in a somewhat irritated tone, that I was sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer, and could I please have the prescription for the new mask that had been sent to them by the doctor, as I would need to take it elsewhere. When she went to get it, I told the other person, that it was not her fault, but the people who worked for the company, and that it was because of our conversation on the telephone combined with their action, that was the problem…. and not to worry. The employee came back looking a bit perplexed, took a look at the prescription and said we can do this for you; but my husband having sat very quietly to this point said, that our appointment was for 3 and  they were late to start with, and then took someone else first. Before leaving with it, I again said to the other woman, it was not her fault!

So, this post is a ‘grumbly’ post and much too long, but I guess I needed to vent. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not reading it, as there is nothing uplifting in ‘this one’…….