Thankfulness Mondays – THINGS YET UNSEEN

This is week 30 (of 52) participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, posting about things great and small, that we have to be thankful for, offsetting negative areas that surround us each and every day.

Hebrews Chapter 11 vs 1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

That verse came to mind when I was thinking of how grateful I am that I can believe that some issues that concern me will resolve in the right time.

There is history in my life that allows me to know this. There was depression, there were several issues within the family, there were illnesses and other challenges.

Faith is not something that is necessarily exclusive to being a Christian, because every day people put their faith in their cars as they drive them, or in planes that they travel on, or the food that they eat.

While not exclusive to Christians, the kind of faith I’m speaking about is that I know while I have concerns about various issues, when I pray for a person or situation God will answer.  It may not be the answer I expected, but He will answer. I read somewhere once, that there are three responses from God; yes, no, and not right now. I have found that to be true in the answers I have received. And while at the time I may not understand why or why not  later on in retrospect, I can see the reason!

So today I am thankful that I can trust in what is yet ‘unseen’………

Thankfulness Monday – He’s Moving On – Poem

This is week 29 (of 52) participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings posting about just everyday things to be thankful for, offsetting the many negative areas of life.

Today at church, we had to say good-bye to our Minister who is moving to the west coast of Canada. He’s going to a church in British Columbia, and while that is sad, I am thankful for the short time we knew him. He was very caring and warm, and when we changed churches just over a year ago I had listened to a sermon online and liked what I heard. There was a luncheon today, and I had written a poem for him, and since there were some other acknowledgements, he asked if I would like to read it. This is the poem I wrote.

GOD GO WITH YOU – REV. JOHN January 2017

While we’ve not known you very long

It’s been long enough to say,

That it was because of you,

We came to Knox one day


The love of God our Father

And of His only Son

And of the Holy Spirit

In this church we know they’re ‘One’


You’ve always centered Christ

In the sermons you have preached

Much for all to think about

Strong faith for us to reach


You’ve heeded God’s call

To move to a new church home

And though we’re sad to see you leave

We know you’re not alone


For God will prepare the way

And will be there as you depart

Just know our prayers are with you

       And you’ll remain within our hearts







Thankfulness Mondays – Whew !

This is Week 28 (of 52) posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings  for things to be thankful for in our lives to offset the negative areas we face in the world each and every day.

While I love this Christmas time of the year with all that is entailed in it I am thankful to get back into the routine of daily living.

I love the decorations, the writing of Christmas cards, shopping for a gift for our loved ones…. and of course the realization of Christ’s birth. I’ve noticed that the later generations don’t send cards much anymore. I suppose with the electronic age of computers, phones and Ipads, greetings are sent that way. I know it’s the thought that counts, but to me, I still love getting a card in the mail box. It also costs quite a bit to mail them, but old habits and traditions are hard to change, at least as long as I am able.

All of that together, with the extra visiting of friends and family, it does take a toll. I suppose more so as we get older. I don’t remember being this tired during our younger age.

So the tree is down, everything back in place; leftover turkey in the fridge, and things are back to normal. While I don’t know what the next year will hold, I will move on and meet the challenges ahead with God’s help.

I wish you all blessings in 2017!   (Diane)


Christmas Day (night) curled up on the couch, a little tired but happy to have spent with family in the States


A New Year’s Eve to Remember

New Year’s Eve 1965; the year our second child “J’; a son was born!

I had actually been due on the 27th of December, but didn’t go into labour until late afternoon on the 31st. We were visiting my mother, and had just gone shopping for something to cook for dinner. While we were in the store, I began having some mild contractions, but after getting back to her apartment, I made a call to my doctor. As it was our second child, he said I should go to the hospital.

They weren’t too strong, so my husband asked if we could wait until he had his dinner before we went. My Mother had been cooking a steak for him and so I said we could wait. Others found this kind of funny, and in retrospect I guess it was.

I was kind of looking forward to maybe having the first baby in the New Year, as usually the parents received gifts from various places. But back then, if a baby was born before 12 midnight we were able to claim the deduction on our income tax for the total year, and so my husband kind of wanted me to have our child before then.

There was only one other lady in the delivery room at the time, and the nurses were kind of hoping one of us would have the New Year’s baby. She went for delivery about 9 p.m. but I was still there.

I went however sometime later, and our son came into the world at 10:30 p.m. so my husband got his income tax deduction for 1965 for the whole 12 months.

He thinks he coerced me into delivering before the end of the year, but it was ‘J’s decision and not his! He’s been a blessing from that day forward.

J.A. on the day he was born

J.A. on the day he was born



Well, we’re back from our visit to the Chicago area, to our daughter and family. We got back late Monday night with  a somewhat turbulent and delayed flight, but nonetheless having had a wonderful few days at Christmas with them.

The first night there I had a very disturbed sleep. I hardly slept at all, and when I did I had dreams that were not very nice. I hesitate to call them nightmares but in fact there was not anything happy in any of them.

When I was trying to get a meaning of  what was in them and why I was having them, it occurred to me they represented some of my innate concerns.  Some things that are within that we don’t really want to acknowledge, but are there.  As I thought about them the words ‘frailties,  fears and future came to mind.

Some of what I recall, was that I became aware of some of my conflicts between some of my actions and some of my core beliefs…. what feels like ‘right vs wrong’ decisions that I make. Some choices could be better; in that I feel sometimes that I am a hypocrite; saying one thing but feeling or doing the opposite.  I find that there is an internal struggle at times. I label that my frailties.

Another of the dreams was to do with a reality of the past, and some current,  but a continued inward fear to do with familial issues. I label that my ‘fears’.

The third and perhaps most important realization, is ‘future‘…. and that is that I know that God can forgive me my frailties, and help me when I seek Him;  He can allay my fears when I ask Him to help me deal with them; and in Him I give the ‘future’, not only for me but for all of those I love .  I know that He loves them even more than I do, and so He wants the best for them.

So while these ‘dreams’ gave me a very unsettled night and upset me somewhat, my husband helped to comfort me and  these dreams gave me food for thought! (Now I need to catch up on reading some blogs)…..


Our son and wife who we went with.


Our daughter and husband with us… I’m so short !



Our 2 grandsons with us

Thankfulness Mondays – Coming Home

The is the 27th week (of 52) posting with Bernadette of Haddon Musings, of things great and small to be thankful for in our lives; and there are many! This is with the hope of offsetting many negative things that occur around us each day!

I’m posting this ahead, to be published on Monday the 26th of December. I will be on my way home that day, from spending Christmas with our daughter, husband and their two sons, in Chicago.. or near Chicago. While I don’t know the details of our visit at this time, I do know that whenever and wherever we travel, it’s always good to get home.

The name of my blog was chosen because of the value I place on our ‘home’.

Home to me was and is a safe place, a place of comfort, a sense of belonging. It has always been  somewhere that I have considered that I would find acceptance and love, and for this I am thankful.

Home definitely is what you make it to be.. to me a place of love and security!

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy... home sweet home

My husband in his favourite chair with Daisy… home sweet home








Christmas is near once again

To spend with loved ones dear

For laughter, joy and more

To visit those who are not near.

Sometimes the Christmas glee

Is not felt the same by all

It could be health, or it could be

Missing someone call.

It may be war, in far off lands

For those who cannot feel

The joy or happiness within

Or share a family meal.

It is God’s son who came to earth

Whose birth we celebrate

He came to teach us how to love

So let us not, this love abate.

Look around to see a need

And if you can at all

Help brighten someone’s day

Taking heed to God’s greatest call.