Woman, Who Are You?

I am participating in Thankfulness Mondays begun by Bernadette of Haddon’s Musings. Today I am doing another reblog of a post in 2012 because we’re off to the Zoo today with our great-granddaughter! The sentiments in this post are still relevant today!


What I’m writing today is the fact that sometimes I don’t recognize myself. Just the other day I looked into the mirror and actually said “Woman, who are you”? Over the years we change of course in so many ways, but I guess the physical appearance sometimes is how we gauge how old we’re getting. Recently I was showing a photo album to someone, of my husband and I and family when they were small, and this ‘younger’ person said something to the effect of how those pictures didn’t look like me at all. I laughed ‘kind of’ while thinking it was so true but didn’t like to think about it really.

Inside, I still feel basically the same as I felt years ago but my physical appearance said something quite different to another but also to me. Don’t get me wrong….I know we must age with the exception of…

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To Greet the Day

For Thankfulness Mondays started by Bernadette ‘Haddon Musings’ I am doing a reblog of a posting in May of 2014…. ‘Diane’


IMG_0794-001This morning, at about 5:30 am I went to check the feeders outside to make sure they were full. I had to re-fill the hummingbird and Oriole ones with fresh nectar and jelly and oranges, and put some peanuts out for the blue jays.

The first thing that struck me was the greeting I received. Actually, it wasn’t me that was being greeted but never-the-less I felt that it was.

The various birds were chirping their songs amongst the different trees. I couldn’t see them but I was just so aware of the beautiful sounds that resonated in the air. What struck me, was the fact that they were greeting the new day with joy and I believe anticipation.The other thing that I thought was that there were no ‘grumpy’ chirps that indicated they were annoyed because it had rained all night, and they were wet and cold. There was…

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Too Many…. Too Soon

Years ago….many years ago when growing up, I didn’t know anyone except when I was about 16 my mother’s sister who had colon cancer.

However, in my lifetime now I have seen so many relatives, friends and acquaintances succumb to cancer. Five of my siblings have passed away from various forms of it. They weren’t too young; I guess one of my sisters was 63;  but she was able to have a family, and enjoy many good years.

My husband’s mother passed away when she was also 63.

I think now that most of us have had similar experiences. I suppose that with the latest news that another nephew has been diagnosed, has just made me realize the many losses. He had his first routine colonoscopy, and they found a tumour. He is just 50 years old. Hopefully, they got all of it, when they operated. We’ll know soon.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a ‘downer’ post; but I just write sometimes what I’m feeling.

As Christians we can’t expect to be exempt from the heartache of this disease. or others… Matthew 5: 45 ( That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust”.

Each year we hope and pray that some new drug will come along, and be a cure rather than the sometimes harsh treatment that many go through now.

Cancer is of course not the only disease that robs us of our loved ones.

It matters not really what takes them from us… but ‘too many are taken too soon’ !

Thankfulness Mondays – A Kind Word

I’m participating in a theme of Bernadette of ‘Haddon Musings’, acknowledging things small and not so small for which I have to be thankful for. It is to try to offset negative thoughts and actions going on in the world today… with the thought that we really can appreciate our many blessings.

Today, I am reminded how a kind word can make one feel uplifted and encouraged. Sometimes we feel that we are past the point in our lives where we really contribute much. We live our lives often remembering those years when we worked, and where we felt that the job we did, somehow made a difference in the world. We perhaps raised a family, and dedicated ourselves to helping our children become a productive part of society.

Maybe we just felt our ‘worth’ more during those days… at least our worth in the eyes of those around us. My real worth of course is realized in knowing that God accepts me no matter what I accomplish in life. I’m a senior now, but I guess age doesn’t really matter. We all need to think that we are special in some way… that we matter.

This morning I read the scripture, in our church. After the service was over, a few people told me how much they liked when I read, and two even asked if I had been a teacher.

Those few words, lifted my spirit. It was perhaps to some a small thing, but to me it made me feel ‘special’.

We all have the power to make a difference during our daily lives, to make someone else feel that what they do is important. Just think of the number of people we meet every day, who perhaps need a word of encouragement from someone, and the difference we could make in their life.

Maybe today or tomorrow will be your chance to give a ‘kind word’!

IMG_2558-002I’m adding a recent painting I did … some know I do amateur paintings, and occasionally just add to a post.

Thankfulness Mondays ‘New Love Blooms’

I’m joining Bernadette from Haddon Musings in weekly posts on Mondays, just being thankful for something in my life.

Today I’m thankful for celebrating the engagement of one of our grandsons during a surprise party for him and his fiancée today.  I’m just going to share a poem I wrote for them.

To “K AND B”

on the occasion of their ENGAGEMENT

There are special moments in life such as today

That give reason to celebrate

And for which I’d just like to say…….

How happy we are for the two of you

That you found each other

And whatever you do…………

Cherish these moments as years from now

You’ll look back and recall

And think of just how…………

You were brought together, not by just chance

I believe it to be

With God’s providence.

One just has to look at the joy on your faces

When your eyes meet each other

Or in your embraces.

There’ll be plans you’ll be making

For your marriage and future

And the vows you’ll be taking.

And this you must know

Your family and friends

Want to bestow

Many wishes and blessings

That indeed overflow.

Love from Nanny xxxx

Brandon and Katrina


Thankfulness Mondays – ‘Relationships’

Participating with Bernadette’s theme of Thankfulness Mondays .. her blog is Haddon Musings, with the idea that we recognize how much we have to be grateful for, and to offset perhaps the negative occurrences that occur around us.

This week I am just thankful for the various relationships that we have. There are those that we see daily perhaps, such as our neighbours. There are those that we meet through social media, such as blogging.

We have friends we meet and interact with each Sunday, at church and have social time with on occasion. Last week we had dinner with two couples from church, and it was very nice.

Family relationships of course are very important, whether it is brother, sister, children, grandchildren and others.

I suppose of course the relationship with our spouse or ‘significant other’ is a very special one, as they know pretty much everything about us.

The most important relationship for me as a Christian is certainly that of God. He knows me even better than my husband and actually better than I know myself.

Relationships of any kind can be scarred or even broken. But the amazing thing is, that they can also be reconciled and healed. With forgiveness, compassion and effort from all concerned anything is possible.

I know this to be true, as in my own lifetime this has happened many times!

Thankfulness Monday – Almost 53 Years…..

It’s Monday and so in keeping with ‘Thankfulness Mondays’ initiated by Bernadette at Haddon Musings… I submit the following post.

Wednesday will be my husbands’ and my 53rd anniversary. We went out yesterday with his brother and wife to celebrate ours’ and theirs’ as well. They’ve been married 45 years.

We had a wonderful dinner at a wonderful restaurant. Unfortunately it seems something didn’t agree with me as 4 hours after, I became ill and didn’t settle at all until 2:30 am. It’s really worn me out, but it doesn’t take away the time we spent together recalling when we met our respective spouses, and the day we were married.

When we have been together for so many years it brings memories and feelings that have just increased with each year. Fuss is made for 25, 50, and 60 year anniversaries, but in fact each year brings with it added blessings.

Thoughts of July 27th 1963 and of the first time we met. I was 15 and he was an ‘older man’ of 19. He was and still is an extrovert and I was very shy. I’m not quite as shy though now, and he has become a little less of an extrovert. I guess that’s what happens over the years. Relationships meld together and each becomes less demanding on having their own way.

There are so many facets that make a marriage, but when asked why I believe we have stood the test of time, I say that good and honest communication, and forgiveness are two things that stand out to me. Of course love, sensitivity, trust,  commitment, and many more things are extremely important; but if we don’t talk honestly and completely, and when we make wrong decisions or downright ‘mistakes’……. forgive each other, then I don’t think a marriage has a chance and the love can be tarnished forever.

Marriage is full of trials and tribulations, but when we stay the course it is beautiful, and so the vows we said before God 53 years ago are fulfilled in each other!

16 years of age and he 20

16 years of age and he 20

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Last Year

Last Year