A Day Late – But Better Late than Never

This is a short post and I should have done it yesterday, but better late than never.

Yesterday, March 2nd a blog site Stigmama created by Dr. Walker Karraa celebrated it’s first birthday. This is a blog for and about mothers who have been affected by mental illness. Dr. Karraa offers a place where others can contribute their stories, about how it has affected their lives. It has been voted as one of the best Health Blogs.

I have been pleased to have been a contributor on a couple of occasions, and have read many women’s accounts of how they have dealt with the stigma of mental illness.

Bringing this very real and prominent topic to the forefront, I believe will help many who suffer from this debilitating disease. Those who are affected by it, often feel very isolated and that there is no hope. But if you read the various bloggers who write, so much is to be learned from them all. most especially that there is hope. There is even more importantly, support.

So if you would like to read and learn please visit this site, and if you would like to contribute and share your story there is a contact tab to learn how you may do so…….   Diane


An Interesting Conversation

Conversation between Grandson (in his 20’s) and me, where we talked of God and the Bible. He had several questions about certain things he had heard.

  • If a man was to sexually abuse a child he could ask for repentance because he knows how to, but because the child isn’t old enough, they go to ‘Hell’ and how was that fair?

I asked him where he heard this outrageous thing and he couldn’t recall but said he would try to remember, or find out and email me. I said of course a child would never be sent to hell period, as until they are old enough to know what sin is, and know about Jesus God would not do that, and besides that fact, those who are abused are never blamed by God, as they are not guilty of anything.

  • He also asked why God did miracles in the old times, but yet with all the starving children etc. why didn’t He do miracles now, and help them.

I said God does do miracles today, but that as far as the poor etc. and starving, that God gave free will to ‘man’ and so if they do bad things like war, and not feeding the hungry, God needed others to be His hands to help feed those people. Man causes this and we need to pray about it and help the poor etc. He will not control us as a ‘puppet’. I told him of a miracle that God did do for a missionary and his wife. The one where the people went to their house to kill them and burn their house down, and gathered outside, and the missionary and wife knew they were likely going to die, but all of a sudden noticed all the people who came to harm them, just left! The next day the chief came to them to ask about this God they came to teach them about. Perplexed, the missionary had to ask why they didn’t kill them the previous night, but left. The Chief said; because of all the soldiers surrounding their house, and on the roof. The Missionary then knew, there were no soldiers, but God sent angels to help them.

  • He also found it hard to believe that a sea could part, like Moses did, or how could Jonah be actually in the belly of a whale and live 3 days.
  • I told Him that Moses couldn’t do it with just waving his staff, but it was God that did it using Moses  

As far as Jonah, why was this any harder to believe than Mary, being a virgin and having a child, or Moses’ staff turning into a snake. I told him that Jonah didn’t want to go where God told him to go, and that when he was swallowed by a whale, he knew he had to obey God, and when he did go to Nineveh, many thousands believed and began following Jesus.         

         He also asked about ‘money being the root of all evil’

I told him it was the LOVE of money that was the root of all evil. Money can do good things but if we focus on it too much, it is like an idol that we are worshipping instead of God.

  • He also asked about the fact people judge other people, and the Bible says not to.

I said that it was true, we are not to judge another or we also will be judged, but that we can ‘not like’ something someone does, and leave it up to God to judge him.

  • He said that he thinks a person should pray before he sins, to be forgiven.

I don’t think he was serious about this, but simply said we should try not to sin, but God wouldn’t forgive us if we prayed before, and then decided to do the sin. In other words we can ask forgiveness if we do sin, but not plan to, and then expect God to forgive.

I also got a chance to talk with one of my granddaughters, who told me she was seeing a young man (who had incidentally the name of ‘Adam’). She said he was a bit of a ‘nerd’ but she liked him and had been seeing him for two months. Apparently, he doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs. I said to her, that maybe he was even a Christian. She said that she believed he was.

  • NOTE: I pray for my grandchildren of course, and my prayers include the request that God somehow bring something or someone who is a Christian, into their life. My grandson said that he actually listened sometimes to a Christian radio station. I know that the first question was not motivated by the radio station, but I believe from someone he knows. Wherever these questions came from, I am grateful, because it gave me a chance to talk about God, and address some of his concerns and misconceptions. These conversations took place because our two sons and wives were coming to have breakfast with my husband and I this morning, and two of our grandchildren decided to come too.

I recount all of this to encourage parents and grandparents and other family members, that when we lift up those we love in prayer, we don’t know always what is going on in their lives, and we can’t know how God is working in them. I can’t tell you how I felt after breakfast this morning. I believe God ordained this breakfast and what happened because He knew that ‘I needed to realize’ yet again, the importance of prayer and the results of it. I am not a theologian but only a follower of Christ, and did my best to answer the questions.

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

Prompt: Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding, belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

Picture of JW around 3 years of age

Picture of JW around 3 years of age

The memory that came immediately to mind, is one from many years ago. We had just moved into our first house, and our children at that time were two,  and one year in age. Many boxes still remained unpacked.

Our youngest child ‘JA’ was fast asleep having a nap, and the older one was playing in the house. The telephone rang, and though I can’t remember how long I had been on it, it was long enough that ‘JW’ became curious about what was in some of the boxes.  The first I knew of it, was a loud cry to which I dropped the phone and ran to see where he was. I found him in the basement where he had opened one of the boxes, and was sitting on the floor rubbing his eyes and crying.

I looked in the box and it happened to be one that cleaning supplies were in, and was alarmed to find he had managed somehow to get the cap off the Drano container. For those who maybe don’t know, it was a very caustic bathroom sink drain cleaner, and as such very dangerous.

I panicked and ran quickly upstairs, one arm carrying our son, and in the other hand the container, trying as fast as I could to read the instructions of the effects it could have. I read that if it got into the eyes, to rinse with water and if swallowed to give as I recall, bread with honey on it to hopefully neutralize the ingredients. I held him near the sink and splashed water in his eyes for a few moments and then ran quickly to the kitchen to get him to eat the bread with honey on it. All I could think of, was that he was going to be blind, and possibly worse. I prayed that he would be okay.

He was crying all the time of course, frightened I guess also because of what I was doing. I grabbed the phone and called the doctor and they in turn gave me the number to call the poison control center for immediate help. At that time there was no 911. After telling them what I had done, they told me to take him immediately to the emergency department to be checked, which of course I did.

After the doctor checked him, I was so relieved to find that while he had rubbed his eyes, it was mostly inflamed around the eye but there was no damage to his eyes. The doctor said also, that it didn’t seem as though he had swallowed any, as there was no indication of any redness in his throat.

So we were sent home, and while we had to watch him of course, it seemed as though he was going to be okay. While it seemed we had handled the crisis, I was emotionally exhausted. As you can imagine it was a lesson learned, that you need to be aware all the time of not only what the little ones were doing, especially when distracted by things like the telephone, and also that all cleaning materials needed to be always out of little one’s reach.

I think I was definitely more stressed out, than even our son was.


Winter Slump!

Recent painting

Recent painting

I may as well admit it; I’m in a ‘winter slump’. I’m not depressed, just longing for the warmth and sunshine of the spring and summer.

There seems to be a lack of concentration, and the only thing I seem to be able to find to blog about tonight is the fact that I don’t have any ideas…   “What did I just say?”

I’ve read through some of my past blogs to remind myself that I actually did have an idea or two at one time. Reading through others’ blogs has also been slowed down, again basically because of the concentration factor. I find myself having to re-read so much of what I just read… “What did I just say?”

We’re planning on getting away with my sister and her husband, but not until the end of April, which seems like such a long time away.

I know that I’m not alone with how I’m feeling as there are so many who have had enough of winter. Somehow it doesn’t help to know that though, as most would agree.

There are those who have much more to worry about than the fact they are in a slump. I certainly realize that! I’m the prayer co-ordinator of our church and we’re a very small congregation, and yet there are 30 requests for those who attend or those who have family or friends who have a special need; 10 with cancer alone. There are blogging friends, who have serious concerns and for whom I pray.

So while I’m kind of at loose ends, and not too ‘with it’ at the moment I realize that in the scheme of things, I don’t really have anything to complain about. “This too shall pass.”

Take care my friends…..  Diane

What Should We Do?

A fellow blogger that I converse with through Facebook, put a comment on today of a topic that I have been contemplating strongly writing a post about. Her comment has sparked me to do it.

It is a topic so controversial and one that no one really wants to think about but I can’t help thinking about. That is what is going on in the middle east right now.

The radical group is terrorizing and killing with abandon and has no respect for human life. I’m not going to get into their beliefs and reasons they think they have for doing this. This is not a political post about issues. It is a ‘human interest’ post about ‘human beings’.

We live in freedom where we do not have to live in terror every day for ourselves or our children. I honestly have tried to imagine how on earth the dear people that are being threatened and even killed every day, manage to survive, in body or mind or spirit.

I do not like war,  and I do not like even the thought of our beloved sons and daughters going off to war. I am also a Christian and I value life immensely; but how long do we let this group kill at will and terrorize people before we do something other than ‘negotiating’ or doing some air strikes?

I can’t help but think of the atrocities of World War 2 and the holocaust, and what occurred before all the free nations of the world took a stand. My brother served in WW 2, and so I know that no one wants to think of our loved ones going off to war.

I’ve stated what is on my mind because each day seeing what is going on, has saddened me so. It is my opinion only. I just find it so difficult to understand that life seems to have so little value in some areas of the world.

Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow – Poem

Early Years

Early Years

Prompt: Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry

While I don’t usually post twice in one day I thought I’d give this a whirl…. just for fun!





Cupid has been working a very long time

Shooting his arrows at whim

And that’s how I met ‘him’.

He worked in a food store

Just a block or so away

Which I visited every day.

I’d go for a pound of butter

And forget the loaf of bread

The list I must have mis-read.

So back I’d go to the grocery store

To get what I forgot

Then I looked at what I’d bought.

And went to check it out

I saw him at register one

And since I was done

I got into the line……

To pay for the loaf of bread

My cheeks a little red.

It took some time to pay for it

As we passed the time of day

He had so much to say.

He asked me to go out with him

Of course I did say ‘yes’

And then I did confess………

That often when I came

To buy groceries that we need

It was an unnecessary deed!

I really was quite smitten

And so glad to finally know

Cupid finally did bestow

When he let the arrow go

Half a century ago………

Love, that entered our two hearts

And love that never will depart!


















Valentine’s Day – Who is it For?


Photo Credit Stockvault.net

Photo Credit

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind for Valentine’s Day is the usual, romantic love between couples. There are a lot of other faces/facets though in my opinion that this day should do, and does for many people, represent love and caring and appreciation of others in our lives.

There’s nothing wrong with a day of celebration of that special romance of  love, but I believe for example we should also show a bit of that love to the lady down the street who lives alone, but who is a very encouraging and friendly soul, and would do anything she could to help any of her neighbours.

What about a family member who doesn’t now have their spouse;  to take this day to just to remind them that they are loved.

What about that person  that you know right now, who is not feeling very well either physically or emotionally and whose face may light up even for a time, by a special acknowledgement on this day!

The most common thing that is given on this day is chocolates, flowers, cards and maybe that special piece of jewelry… even taking this romantic day to get engaged.

Actually this year instead of flowers or the usual, I got two big bags of bird seed! Now some would say that is so totally unromantic, but my husband knows how special it is for me to have my bird feeders, and sometimes the cost is a bit prohibitive for us on our pensions. So instead of spending the money on something that has a limited life span, such as flowers he got me the seed.

For me, that was the most thoughtful gift he could have given. He knows me very well, but I guess after 51 years he should!  (Oh, I did get a card too!)

We got that special neighbour some yellow roses… for her special friendship, and to satisfy her sweet tooth that she has, some cupcakes with pink fluffy icing.

Happy Valentine’s Day… !   Diane




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