Fraud Call!

Recent painting of view by Trent River where my brother and his wife live.

Recent painting of view by Trent River where my brother and his wife live.

While this is serious, we ended up laughing about it in the end.

We received a call supposedly from one of our banking credit card companies, alerting us that there was a potential fraud in process. My husband got the call as they said it was on his card. Actually he was kind of confused at the time thinking that someone else was using our card, so he spoke to the person who asked him to get his card out, and the first step was to verify the first four numbers of his card.

I asked my husband ‘W’ to put in on speaker so I could hear as well…. and scribbled ‘no information’! When he put it on speaker I asked who was calling, telephone number and name. The man said that he could only speak to the card holder and not me, so my husband just repeated what I said. He then told my husband if he wouldn’t cooperate then they couldn’t stop the fraud from happening. At this point I interjected that we don’t give information over the phone, and he said again he would only speak to my husband ‘b****’!

My husband then said that we wouldn’t give any information, and that we’d be calling the police. At that point he said “You do that you idiot”!

Here endeth the call! We did phone telephone number on our card and reported it and gave them the telephone number where the call originated. After my email hacking last year, I am always super cautious about giving any vital information by email or by phone!

I had to laugh after the fact, because of this so-called bank representative calling me a ‘b****’ … not too professional! I may sometimes be frustrating to talk to, but it’s been quite awhile….like ‘never’ that I’ve evoked such a name!

p.s. decided to add a recent painting just to brighten this post

When I am Old and Gray Do not Forsake Me O God -Memories


I wrote this shortly after I started blogging, and thought I might reblog it for some who are more recent followers… Diane

Originally posted on hometogo232:

This is another of things that I wrote in the past, which I have been recently been going through. This was written in the 1980’s when my mother lived in a nursing home. It was very difficult for me during the 7 years that she did. She had been a vibrant and exuberant woman prior to having an aneurysm and consequent brain surgery, during which her health declined. She lived with different children during the years after, mostly with me and my family.

There came a time however when we could no longer care for our loving mother in our homes. This letter was written during that time. It was published in our newspaper.

“This letter is written to anyone who has a relative or friend living in a nursing home, and who hasn’t visited them recently.

My mother is in a home and each week when I visit her…

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I’m Beginning to Think…..

I’m beginning to think that I don’t know how to have fun anymore, or write a ‘fun’ post.

I’m beginning to think that others can ‘roll’ with the challenges of life, more than I can.

I’m beginning to think I take life too seriously.

I’m beginning to think that I wish, I was not so complex.

I’m beginning to think that I’m tired of wondering what the next crisis is going to be.

I’m beginning to think I take these ‘crises’ too much to heart, and that they are after all … temporary in the scheme of life.

I’m beginning to think that I need some respite from caring too deeply, loving too much and ‘thinking’ much too much!

“Just one of those days” !!!!!


A Need to Choose

There are moments in life when one has to make choices. Sometimes we try to put off doing so, and can for a time; but then there are those moments when we have to make a decision. If we don’t then we ‘sit on the fence’ so to speak! We try to live with leaving things as they are, knowing that if we do, there will always be dissension within ourselves.

I’ve been doing this for well over a year now, hoping and praying that something would happen to avoid me having to make this decision, but this week faced it head on.

By doing so while it is the right thing to do, and I feel glad that I’m off the proverbial fence, yet I am sad that by making this decision we will lose some friendships formed over the past few years.

I don’t mean to be mysterious and it’s nothing involving family but it does involve change. What I will say that when it comes to doing what we feel God is asking us to do or not, I have to be true to my faith.

We make decisions of course of various importance every day, but the tough ones; well……….  they’re very hard!

Will be Away for a few Days

Just a short note to say, that I’ll be away for a few days. My sister  ‘M’, who just a few weeks ago lost her husband, asked me if I felt like going to see her. She has not been doing well, but the grief will certainly not go away easily. They were married 57 years and life is now quite different. She is still living with her daughter and family, and they will be away this weekend.

I haven’t seen her since J. passed away for various reasons, so of course I am going to go. She lives around 2 hours away so it’s not like I’ve been able to ‘pop by’.

Anyway, not that I need especially to ‘announce’ a few days absence, but just in case anyone does happen to wonder, I thought of this short post.

I may get a little bit of time to peruse different posts, but am not planning on spending very much time on the computer.

Diane xx


DP Challenge ‘Daily Ritual’

Prompt: Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us: why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days when you can’t perform it?



I was just thinking that my morning duties are now a daily ritual; that of taking care of the various bird feeders that we have for the blue jays, woodpeckers, juncos, sparrows, chickadees; and various others.



I think of my feathered friends waiting for me each day, and while I know they do get food from other sources they do tend to know where to find my feeders. During the summer they don’t frequent the feeders as much as when the colder weather comes, and the flowers, trees and bushes aren’t available anymore.



Never-the-less I check them every morning and make sure that the raccoons haven’t knocked down one or two of the feeders. Most of them are squirrel proof, however I do leave some seeds and a few peanuts on the top of a faux wishing well and some on the ground for the ground feeding birds like the mourning doves and juncos.

In the summer there are the hummingbird and the oriole feeders that need the nectar, and for the orioles some grape jelly and orange halves. For some reason later into the summer months, the orioles and hummingbirds have been scarce. Most often when I go out in the morning I’m fighting the wasps around and in the feeders.  I can tell that there have been some birds coming, because the jelly and orange halves have been mostly eaten, so I am reticent to stop putting the food out, regardless of the hoards of wasps that await me. Soon the orioles and hummingbirds will be headed south, but there be an influx of birds who will be returning from their summer migration where they go in early spring; back to our area.



If I’m ill my husband will fill all the feeders… so I don’t have to worry.



I have such a love of birds.

A Kindness to Grandparents – Poem

Tonight we had a visit from one of our grandsons and his girlfriend K. Ther’re both in their twenties and have been seeing each other for a few months. In the past month they’ve been twice.

Other grandchildren come sometimes too, often to help out with something my husband needs assistance with outside. Sometimes laying patio stones, and one time a garden arbour, and to make our outside steps safer and a better railing.

It was just nice for B. and K. to come for no other reason than just to have dinner and visit.

I was just sitting here thinking about the laughter that especially young people seem to bring with them. At the end of the post you’ll see some ‘silly’ photos that my Ipad took under some app called ‘photo booth’ that does weird things, that my grandson introduced me to!

Anyway, I wrote this poem tonight a while after they left.

This is what they normally look like

This is what they normally look like

It means a great deal

To Poppy and I

That you take time to visit

To say more than just ‘Hi’

When we get older

And hold memories dear

It’s moments like you bring

With love so sincere

You’re young and are busy

Many places to be

And yet you take time

For Poppy and me

It seems that you’ve learned

Something special indeed

It’s not money or riches

That make you succeed

It’s kindness and love

That comes from your heart

And so know that we love you

Love that will never depart.

Nanny and Poppy


They say two head are better than one

They say two heads are better than one

Katrina & Brandon four

crazy times three

Katrina and Brandon 2015 funny pictures

True Love

Katrina and Brandon three

Rubbing noses if they could only find them

Wally funny picture

He looks like a bit like a Pelican

This one looks like my head is exploding..

This one looks like my head is exploding..