Thankfulness Mondays – Second Chances!

I am participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings theme each Monday, of giving thanks or something in our lives!

Today I am reminded of how important second chances are. So often in our lives and relationships things go awry.  Actions and words spoken in the heat of a disagreement, can have devastating results.

Friendships, even family ties are broken. We wonder if things can ever be the same again….perhaps there can never be reconciliation; perhaps there will never be forgiveness. It happens in a lot of families I would imagine. I know it did in ours’. Even as a Christian and we are praying that somehow, some way we will be reunited; we don’t sometimes fully trust that God will work and bring it to be.

We worry, we wait, we hope for perhaps that call or email or letter that will come. We pray! Then we start the process all over again.

Of course it is never one-sided. It is usually both parties who have caused concern and hurt. Forgiveness is the key though; whether Christian or not… but if we are believers  it is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary and the ‘only’ thing to do. If our actions do not reflect our faith, then our faith is meaningless and in vain. (

But the good news is, that reconciliation is very possible, and it happened in our lives.  When there is and has been a bond, it cannot and should not ever be broken. Perhaps it will take some time for some of the hurt to heal, but most definitely it can happen.

Life is too short, to not give or be given a ‘second chance’…. and I’m very thankful for several second chances in my life!

Note: for some who have been abused etc. forgiveness may take some time and can be far more complex to deal with. This post is not delving into that area.

Thankfulness Mondays – Forever Friends!

This is a post participating with Bernadette from Haddon Musings on Mondays, of things large and small we have to be thankful for, hoping the feelings may be contagious and spread.

Today I’m going to a friend’s place for a few days. She lives 4 hours away, so we really only get together once a year, but we always have such a special time.  We talk and laugh and eat… and talk and laugh and eat! We maybe watch one or two movies, or go for a walk.

We worked together for a number of years,  but actually only reconnected about 6 or 7 years ago through Facebook!

The time we spend together is so great and it’s like only yesterday we were working in the same office. There are memories (at least as far as what I can recall). But what I can’t, she can! I guess there are many that have friendships like this; people that we can totally be ourselves with.

So this post is very short, but just to say I’m very thankful for friends that make me feel so very blessed.

Taken a few years ago of the two of us, soon after we reconnected..

Taken a few years ago of the two of us, soon after we reconnected..

Thankfulness Mondays -Creeping ‘Round the Corner-Poem

In keeping with the theme of being thankful for all things in our lives, and participating in Thankfulness Mondays begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings, I’ve written a little poem.


It’s creeping ’round the corner

Amid the current heat,

We know it has to come soon

There can be no retreat.

The earth will be so happy

It’s parched and very dry,

It’s been a long hot summer

But it has just flown by.

In a short time there will be

Colours of every shade,

Oranges, reds and yellows

As the green among them fade.

Each season brings with it

A beauty of its’ own,

And I’m very thankful for

Each ‘Autumn’ I have known.

Favourite 'Autumn" photo...Mom, 'Brownie' camera in her hands !

Favourite ‘Autumn” photo…Mom, ‘Brownie’ camera in her hands !












Thankfulness Mondays – ‘Smile’ !

Today is a day I join Bernadette  (Haddon Musings)  by  posting on Mondays, of something to be thankful about, in lieu of recognizing how very much we need to promote good things in our lives,  with  the hope that by doing so it might spark others to do so as well.

As I sit in my living room there are many pictures that I look at each and every day. Photos of loved ones.

Each one takes me back to the time when it was taken, reminding me of the various special moments in my life, and my husband’s. There are snapshots of our parents, our children and our grandchildren… oh and of one great-grandchild. Pictures of special friends and beloved pets, are also in view.

I have several photo and scrapbooking albums that I often look at too. I’m glad that prior to putting all pictures on an electronic device, there are some that are not! I would caution some of the younger generation to take the time to actually print out some of their pictures and put them in an album. There will be times in the future where it may not be possible to go onto a computer or other device. I also find it different to scan through photos this way, and not be able to pause and reflect on each one. It’s not the same!

It must make one wary to have all photos on a computer. We all know that there is the possibility of them all being lost, if there are technical issues.

So, today I am thankful that we can be reminded of all the special moments in our life, because of the ability to take pictures and to recall them each time we look at them.

So, as though I am ready to take your picture……..  ‘SMILE’….

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!

Picture of my Mother and I on my wedding day. A picture I cherish!



Woman, Who Are You?

I am participating in Thankfulness Mondays begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings. Today I am doing another reblog of a post in 2012 because we’re off to the Zoo today with our great-granddaughter! The sentiments in this post are still relevant today!


What I’m writing today is the fact that sometimes I don’t recognize myself. Just the other day I looked into the mirror and actually said “Woman, who are you”? Over the years we change of course in so many ways, but I guess the physical appearance sometimes is how we gauge how old we’re getting. Recently I was showing a photo album to someone, of my husband and I and family when they were small, and this ‘younger’ person said something to the effect of how those pictures didn’t look like me at all. I laughed ‘kind of’ while thinking it was so true but didn’t like to think about it really.

Inside, I still feel basically the same as I felt years ago but my physical appearance said something quite different to another but also to me. Don’t get me wrong….I know we must age with the exception of…

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To Greet the Day

For Thankfulness Mondays started by Bernadette ‘Haddon Musings’ I am doing a reblog of a posting in May of 2014…. ‘Diane’


IMG_0794-001This morning, at about 5:30 am I went to check the feeders outside to make sure they were full. I had to re-fill the hummingbird and Oriole ones with fresh nectar and jelly and oranges, and put some peanuts out for the blue jays.

The first thing that struck me was the greeting I received. Actually, it wasn’t me that was being greeted but never-the-less I felt that it was.

The various birds were chirping their songs amongst the different trees. I couldn’t see them but I was just so aware of the beautiful sounds that resonated in the air. What struck me, was the fact that they were greeting the new day with joy and I believe anticipation.The other thing that I thought was that there were no ‘grumpy’ chirps that indicated they were annoyed because it had rained all night, and they were wet and cold. There was…

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Too Many…. Too Soon

Years ago….many years ago when growing up, I didn’t know anyone except when I was about 16 my mother’s sister who had colon cancer.

However, in my lifetime now I have seen so many relatives, friends and acquaintances succumb to cancer. Five of my siblings have passed away from various forms of it. They weren’t too young; I guess one of my sisters was 63;  but she was able to have a family, and enjoy many good years.

My husband’s mother passed away when she was also 63.

I think now that most of us have had similar experiences. I suppose that with the latest news that another nephew has been diagnosed, has just made me realize the many losses. He had his first routine colonoscopy, and they found a tumour. He is just 50 years old. Hopefully, they got all of it, when they operated. We’ll know soon.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a ‘downer’ post; but I just write sometimes what I’m feeling.

As Christians we can’t expect to be exempt from the heartache of this disease. or others… Matthew 5: 45 ( That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust”.

Each year we hope and pray that some new drug will come along, and be a cure rather than the sometimes harsh treatment that many go through now.

Cancer is of course not the only disease that robs us of our loved ones.

It matters not really what takes them from us… but ‘too many are taken too soon’ !