I Cannot Disappear

I cannot disappear, as though I was not here

There’s people who depend, on prayers that I must send

It would be easier to go, but I wish it were not so

For easier it would be, just to try and see

If they could make it without me!

Oh God that you might take,  but never to forsake

This woman who is tired, and who has a heart’s desire

To just leave the world alone, but knowing I must atone

For thoughts like this that come, not all the time but some

Heaven has no hurts or sorrow, For just one day I’d like to borrow

And bring to my soul and heart, peace that never would depart.

But you don’t promise rain won’t fall, on only some but all

So your children must remain, until the day that you ordain

The day for us to share, your kingdom without cares

Now before any conclusion is drawn from a somewhat disheartened poem, it’s only that sometimes when there seems to be many things that pile up in one’s mind, that to imagine not having them….. if only for a time; seems very inviting.  Maybe there are others who sometimes feel this; maybe not. I don’t think denying it will make it not so for me and so………….

I write what I feel!

Tomorrow is another day, and challenges lay ahead and I will face them as I ought to do.  I guess that this has just been a tiring day, with many thoughts…..    Diane



DP “Last Words”

Prompt: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

This prompt is an old one, so I won’t link it, but I did keep it because I thought I might do it at some future time.

I thought that this was actually a chance to write a ‘last post’, in case at some point I don’t actually get the chance to do so.  Maybe I’m feeling vulnerable, or with the recent passing of my brother-in-law, understanding that we don’t and can’t know the future.

So, with all that said I would like to say that since beginning with WordPress in November 2011, I have had so many surprises, in what actually is and has been involved. Having only heard that funny word ‘blogging’ once or twice before, and with trepidation trying to follow instructions on just how to begin, it has been an amazing journey.

That very first post that I did and really never understanding or believing how I  would ever connect with anyone else. Who, I thought would ever come across my blog and actually read it? Maybe I thought at some point one or two might accidentally come across it, but never did I think that hundreds would. Though my followers’ stats are over 700, we know that many come and go and likely never even read a post, but simply follow for their own reasons. Just to know however, that several hundreds have at least passed through, and some further bloggers who perhaps read and ‘like’ one or two posts but then don’t return. But that’s alright! There are some who come and stay. They might not read everything I write, because I do so on various topics and not every post will appeal every time.

I have met such wonderful people through blogging; caring, supportive, enlightening, thought-provoking and some who have become close friends. Some of you I would really love to meet, though I most likely never will. Maybe it’s better anyway, because we have many friendships in life and relate to in different ways; so maybe blogging is the connection in our case.

So, if I never get to write that ‘good-bye post’, at least you will know if these were the last words I wrote,  how special my time with all of you ‘is/was’.

To quote Bob Hope (those of you who may remember him)….. “Thanks for the memories”

“For reading what I write,

For making my day bright,

For ‘liking’ even though

It maybe wasn’t so,

For ‘following’ me too

No matter what I do!”

“I thank you, so much”

Diane xx

DP Challenge – Only Sixteen

16 years of age

16 years of age

Daily Prompt Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen

When I was sixteen I was putting in an application for a full-time job at the telephone company, ‘Bell Telephone’ ! Before doing so however my mother and I went to visit my sister in British Columbia. We went by train, and the trip from Ontario through the western part of Canada and through the Rockies was so beautiful. It was a memory that I have cherished forever; not only the trip but the time spent with my Mother.

When we got home I did apply for a position as a telephone operator hoping for long distance, as that’s where my sister worked. However because I was shorter, my reach was not long enough for the switchboards; but I did get a position as an information and rate and route operator.

This was not only my first full-time job, but first job of any kind. To say I was somewhat anxious about being out in the working world, would be an understatement. I was very shy to begin with, and not knowing what to expect. There was not any chance that I would be going further in school, as the cost was out of the question and my mother needed help financially.

At fifteen I had met my husband to be ‘W’, and so at sixteen I had a new job as well as a new relationship. At 17 we were actually engaged to be married, and indeed when I was 18 and ‘W’ 21 we were married. Back in those days I guess we grew up faster or at least at an earlier age than today’s young people.

So, at ‘only sixteen’ my adult life and responsibilities had just begun! Ahh the memories!

It Arrived!

Well, I wrote about this recently here.  It’s about putting some of my blogs into a book; not for publishing or selling but only for my personal use. A fellow blogger posted about this company Blog2Print, who will put into a book, the blogs you choose to print. I couldn’t have recommended it before I got it, but it came today and I am very pleased with it.

There are a few things which I might advise anyone who is thinking of doing this also, but they are minor.

  1. Read the questions and answers on their site, as there is good information. When I called them, the fellow didn’t happen to give me too much information, and didn’t advise me to read about the process.
  2. When choosing which blogs to print, (you need to select one by one, unless you have definite dates ‘from this date to this date’ or maybe ‘all’; I can’t quite remember)  I did try not to select ‘Reblogged ones, but missed a few.
  3. Make sure your profile photo is a good clear one, as mine was grainy and didn’t print too clearly.
  4. I selected and printed about 267, (+index) = 281 pages (maximum allowable about 445)  and I chose not to have each one start on a new page, so each one ran into the next one, which is okay and not really an issue, except that sometimes a photo that belongs with one post, ends up at the beginning of the next one. The reason I did that was of course, it costs more to do it the other way.
  5. The Title of my book could have been more interesting but it was at first not clear to me that I could change it, and I couldn’t revise it once it was completed. By this time I had read the questions and answers… oops too late.
  6. You have a choice of what size to print photos, which I did ‘small’ and are okay for me but you may want to choose larger size.

I am very pleased with the appearance, as I chose from the many options and put a photo on the front and back covers. I chose hard cover, again because of the cost. You can do a dedication too, and then there is an index of the title of each post. I chose from latest date to most current.

The cost of this was $130 u.s. plus shipping which to Canada was less than $15.  I believe it is well worth it and I may get more copies if anyone I know in my family shows an interest.

So I can now say that I definitely recommend it, and if anyone does decide to go ahead and order one, maybe you could let me know. My email is on my sidebar.

I would have changed the Title to 'Thoughts and Memories' by Diane ...

I would have changed the Title to ‘Thoughts and Memories’ by Diane …


Excerpts and Moments From a Week with a 6 Year Old

imageWell my time with my 6 year old great-granddaught is over. It was a fun time but as you can imagine,  also tiring. I certainly cherished these days, because once school starts we won’t see her too much.

A six-year old does come out with some funny things; like when we were in the car she asked, “why do people say, ‘I told you a thousand times, instead of just saying the truth; that they just told you two or maybe three times’?” We examined that for awhile and just kind of said that we didn’t know, but people, especially parents do tend to say it. This became a standing response throughout her visit.

The first night she was here, it was getting close to lights, and television off and time to go to sleep.  I asked her to go and brush her teeth etc. and come back. She did, but holding her stomach and with tears in her eyes, saying that she had a tummy ache. Okay, now in reality I do know that this is very likely a delay tactic, but not wanting to guess that it was, I said I would get her a hot water bottle to put on her tummy and maybe that would help. After a very few minutes, she said it wasn’t helping, so I gave her a little pepto-bismal (making sure it was okay for children, as one does forget these things). I gave her a very tiny amount and within a very few minutes again, she told me it wasn’t helping either.

So I asked her what else could I do, and she didn’t know. I said well, I can’t give you anymore medicine, so perhaps she could just lay down and try to sleep. She said I don’t think I can go to sleep, and so I said that it wouldn’t help to ‘try’, but to maybe think of things that made her happy, or things or people she loved.  A big grin came on her face, and I asked her what it was; and she said Disney World. So that was good, and I suggested to think about all those who loved her too. I left the room with trepidation and lo and behold, she fell asleep finally. Crisis averted!

We went to Chucky Cheese’s too. For those who don’t know, it’s a restaurant for children and with games for them. Of course one has to purchase tokens to play these games, but I used them too and we had a  lot of fun there. Oh, and we took her to a movie to see Minions. I checked to see that it was appropriate, but half way through I asked her with hope in my heart, whether she liked it or not. The ‘hope’ was that she didn’t, and wanted to go, but alas she liked it and we had to stay.

Well, we did spoil her but I think grand-parents and great-grandparents are allowed to!

Oh, and one way I knew that I was perhaps a little lot past being tired, was when I was trying to turn the volume of my hearing aid up, but it wouldn’t work. Then I noticed how loud the television was all of a sudden. Ooops wrong remote!   Sighhhhhh!

I Have a Visitor

imageWe have a visitor for the week. She is almost 7 years old, and is our great-granddaughter. She was here for a couple of days back in July but we had to take her home early because of the illness and subsequent passing of our brother-in-law.

I’m hoping the rain predicted doesn’t last all week, because we’d like to take her to a park with swimming and water slides.

I likely will not get to read all the posts that you do, but hope to do some when I get the chance.

I just took her picture on my IPAD and she was curious about what I was going to do with it.  I said it was hard to explain, and she said “well could you just try?” So I tried, but said it would be better to just show her when I was done.

The photo is not too good as I couldn’t crop it or anything. My photo program is on my laptop, which I found out further to my last post, will be a couple of weeks until I get it back. The hard drive was gone, and it is only just over a year old!

Anyway, she’ll like to see this post that I did about her visit with us.


Couple of Notes

Hi, Just a couple of things. You may recently received emails saying ‘Nanny’ and not Diane. At least I suspect you did. I couldn’t at first figure it out and then I realized since August 1st Microsoft bought Skype. I used to use it but only yesterday after having  computer problems (2nd issue)  and reading about cancellation etc. I realized my ‘skype name’ was now being linked to my name on my email. Oh my, M.S. strikes again ‘ha’. For those of you who have followed me, you may remember my struggle with them a year or so ago. Anyway, I’ve cancelled Skype. I did use it occasionally only.

The second issue is that my laptop crashed yesterday. I could not get any response from it. I hope it wasn’t related to a pop-up I had which I suspected was not good, as it was one of those that doesn’t give you any option to ‘x’ out of it, and I also had another pop-up a couple of days ago while in a game on facebook (Smarter than a Fifth Grader… and I’m not by the way) … re flash player. Anyway I don’t know what caused it but after looking at the various programs that use a lot of computer memory etc, I decided to cancel some, and Skype was one of them

I’m doing this on my IPAD as I had to leave the computer to be fixed. I find it somewhat frustrating that even though we pay monthly for any computer issue .. ‘we thought’… they will fix the computer alright BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE TO SAVE THE DATA…meaning all documents and pictures and miscellaneous things it’s another $99. So they’ll fix it but won’t ensure the data, unless you pay extra. Oh, I read it in small print when I checked, that it cannot be promised…. again unless you pay the extra cost because then they will transfer the data.

So, because I’m on this IPAD which I just got for my birthday, and I don’t know really how to use it… I plan on taking it in to Apple to find out, I may not be able to respond to replies to comments I make on other sites. The little icon that lights up to indicate this on my site, for some reason that I can’t figure out, doesn’t display. If you can tell me how to make it please let me know.

I do get notifications of your posts via email.

Oh, and I’m doing this on the new dashboard because I don’t have the url link to the old one, and if you do could you send me it, because I do not like this new one… thanks

Anyway, just thought I’d update you…..  Diane