Thankfulness Mondays – I’m Not Perfect !

Another Monday joining Bernadette from Haddon Musings, being thankful for things large and small and in between!

I was just thinking about the fact that I used to struggle with ‘the perfectionism complex’, and am so glad that for the most part I finally realized that it is futile to attempt to be perfect.

When I was younger and also not so young, I hated to make mistakes. I’m not sure when it started to bother me so much. Maybe it was when I was in school, and being very shy. A few times I can remember being laughed at or embarrassed when I answered a question incorrectly. It made me much less likely to hold my hand up when the teacher asked. I can even remember a teacher in Grade 6 or 7, who told us that since there was going to be an observer in his classroom, he wanted everyone to hold up their hand when he asked for an answer. He said to hold up your left hand if you knew the answer, or your right hand if you didn’t know the answer. So I held up my right hand! He picked me by mistake and then ridiculed me because I didn’t; slamming his ruler on the desk as he did so. I was mortified! I don’t think I ever told my mother even, as she probably would have put in a call to the school.

Anyway, I went through much agony different times through my life getting so upset when I would make a mistake. This was very difficult to deal with as I struggled with intermittent depression through most of my adult life. Thankfully, I have not for the past several years. It makes it hard for relationships also, as one expects others to be perfect too. It is not a reasonable expectation to do so, because it just isn’t going to happen!

There are times when it almost sneaks back into my thinking, even as I have tried to learn new things such as painting. But I catch myself, before it takes root and it’s such a relief.

So if you’re like-minded and tempted to expect perfection, I hope you’ll be kinder to yourself!

I’m not perfect…. and I’m so grateful not to worry about trying anymore!

My 'less than perfect' painting of fall colours..

My ‘less than perfect’ painting of fall colours..


A Letter to Donald Trump’s Children

As a Canadian and of course not voting in the United States election, I am not offering any profound statements about it…. but if I could….. I would send this letter to Donald Trump’s children.

Dear Donald Jr; Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany and Barron Trump,

With recent and earlier negative information that has come to the surface relating to your father from past years, I know that it must hurt to hear all of these things.

While we sometimes think we know our loved ones, even some qualities that are perhaps of the negative nature, like temper or impatience etc; we believe we know the essence of that person. And I believe that your father has been good, loving and kind towards all of you. I think he has disciplined and directed you in a positive way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to love and defend him.

Having to see now some of his past behaviour, words and actions that do not reflect what you know or believe of him, must be very difficult for you, and cause pain. Children and parents do not easily abandon each other, and I think it is very loving of you to stay faithful to your father.

You have seen and experienced the goodness of him, and so it is understandable that you do stand with him, and again. I think you are very loyal to do so. Take care!





Thankfulness Mondays – Turkey and Time

Participating with Bernadette and her blog posts on Haddon Musings; each Monday for 52 weeks, things large and small that we have to be thankful for.

Of course I must note, that it is  our Canadian Thanksgiving. A day set aside to give thanks, although each and every day we should really do so…. for our country, our freedoms and for all that we have.

However I was thinking also of being thankful for ‘time’. I guess being a senior I have more than many people do, but I remember when there never seemed to be enough.

Reflecting though I am grateful for the time that is sometimes needed to let wounds heal, to make decisions that could affect the rest of our lives; time to rest when the world seems too much to handle;  time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, time to let God work in situations that seem impossible to resolve….

If we don’t utilize time effectively… we don’t take that second breath; it could change our lives drastically. I look back at some of those moments in my own life, and am happy that I did so.

So perhaps we need to slow down, and as the saying goes… ‘take time to smell the roses’ !

A painting I did awhile ago.....

A painting I did awhile ago…..


Thankfulness Mondays – She Is My Sister – Poem

I’m again posting each week on ‘Thankfulness Mondays’, along with Bernadette of Haddon Musings with the intention of just writing of all things we have to be grateful for in our lives with hope that it will offset the negative aspects present today.

I’ve been busy the last two weeks; partly because of visits, one of which was with my sister ‘M’. She’s leaving today to go home. She lost her husband just over a year ago, but is still grieving the loss.  Each person of course has to use whatever time they need to mourn the loss of a loved one, and we have been trying to spend as much time as we can together. I am very grateful to have her in my life!

I’m posting a poem I wrote in 2012 about her. Her husband had a stroke in 2011 and she cared for him since that time and until his death, and so the poem reflects that time.

She is an inspiration

To all who know her

Selfless and giving

To so many

Her heart so full of love

No boundaries she knows

Her body sometimes wearies

But her spirit wages on

There is no time to dwell on her own needs

Only to others’

When will there be those moments

To reflect upon her life

To see her beauty as loved ones do

And their concern

She withstands so much and yet

It remains a mystery to her

It comes so naturally she doesn’t see

Her true worth in our eyes

She is so beautiful in spirit

and in her very soul


She is MY Sister

With Love

From Diane xoxoxo (2012)

Taken this July 2016

Taken this July 2016







Thankfulness Mondays – Second Chances!

I am participating with Bernadette of Haddon Musings theme each Monday, of giving thanks or something in our lives!

Today I am reminded of how important second chances are. So often in our lives and relationships things go awry.  Actions and words spoken in the heat of a disagreement, can have devastating results.

Friendships, even family ties are broken. We wonder if things can ever be the same again….perhaps there can never be reconciliation; perhaps there will never be forgiveness. It happens in a lot of families I would imagine. I know it did in ours’. Even as a Christian and we are praying that somehow, some way we will be reunited; we don’t sometimes fully trust that God will work and bring it to be.

We worry, we wait, we hope for perhaps that call or email or letter that will come. We pray! Then we start the process all over again.

Of course it is never one-sided. It is usually both parties who have caused concern and hurt. Forgiveness is the key though; whether Christian or not… but if we are believers  it is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary and the ‘only’ thing to do. If our actions do not reflect our faith, then our faith is meaningless and in vain. (

But the good news is, that reconciliation is very possible, and it happened in our lives.  When there is and has been a bond, it cannot and should not ever be broken. Perhaps it will take some time for some of the hurt to heal, but most definitely it can happen.

Life is too short, to not give or be given a ‘second chance’…. and I’m very thankful for several second chances in my life!

Note: for some who have been abused etc. forgiveness may take some time and can be far more complex to deal with. This post is not delving into that area.

Thankfulness Mondays – Forever Friends!

This is a post participating with Bernadette from Haddon Musings on Mondays, of things large and small we have to be thankful for, hoping the feelings may be contagious and spread.

Today I’m going to a friend’s place for a few days. She lives 4 hours away, so we really only get together once a year, but we always have such a special time.  We talk and laugh and eat… and talk and laugh and eat! We maybe watch one or two movies, or go for a walk.

We worked together for a number of years,  but actually only reconnected about 6 or 7 years ago through Facebook!

The time we spend together is so great and it’s like only yesterday we were working in the same office. There are memories (at least as far as what I can recall). But what I can’t, she can! I guess there are many that have friendships like this; people that we can totally be ourselves with.

So this post is very short, but just to say I’m very thankful for friends that make me feel so very blessed.

Taken a few years ago of the two of us, soon after we reconnected..

Taken a few years ago of the two of us, soon after we reconnected..

Thankfulness Mondays -Creeping ‘Round the Corner-Poem

In keeping with the theme of being thankful for all things in our lives, and participating in Thankfulness Mondays begun by Bernadette of Haddon Musings, I’ve written a little poem.


It’s creeping ’round the corner

Amid the current heat,

We know it has to come soon

There can be no retreat.

The earth will be so happy

It’s parched and very dry,

It’s been a long hot summer

But it has just flown by.

In a short time there will be

Colours of every shade,

Oranges, reds and yellows

As the green among them fade.

Each season brings with it

A beauty of its’ own,

And I’m very thankful for

Each ‘Autumn’ I have known.

Favourite 'Autumn" photo...Mom, 'Brownie' camera in her hands !

Favourite ‘Autumn” photo…Mom, ‘Brownie’ camera in her hands !