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While I don’t re-blog often, today I read this from a lovely blogger Shelley, and it gave me such a smile I thought I’d share it…. Diane

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Daily Prompt: What a Twist

Tell us a story- Fiction or non-fiction-with a twist coming.

Prompt: I work for a SLF (Supported Living Facility). My residents for the most part take care of themselves. We assist them with help they may need here and they’re. I have worked with the Home for about fifteen years now. They’re more than a few reasons why I just can’t walk away. Someday I will go into details of other great story’s.

My residents age range from thirty to ninety. In the past it has been younger, most of them have Visual impairment and are totally without sight. We do weights on a monthly basis and the nurse manager we were under at this time wanted us to praise and encourage all of the residents who were loosing weight.

When I arrived at work this day and got report, she informed me Emmet Brown (I changed…

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Chicken Soup ‘good for a cold’?

We were on our way to see my sister and husband today, to just plan for our holiday that we’re going on together, at the end of April. It’s about a 2 hour drive, and about 1/2 hour into the drive I began to cough and sneeze a bit. I couldn’t believe that I was getting sick; not with upcoming appointments and tests to be done this week and next! But clearly I was.

As soon as we reached their place, my husband went to the drugstore to buy ‘something’ to see if I could stop this cold from getting any worse. I took a couple of cold capsules, and still of course the symptoms persisted. When we got home, I thought I’d look online for some magic recipe or potion that would ‘cure all’. However, nothing promised instant success but I noted that the good old ‘chicken noodle soup’ was still recommended. So I immediately put some on.

Just a little reminder of my recent history of a problem still with my esophagus, and food sticking; therefore having to stick with a liquid or soft diet until further tests are done. But chicken soup….no problem, right? Wrong………

I had taken a few mouthfuls, when I knew something wasn’t right, but still it didn’t really clue into my overly tired ‘brain’ that it was the soup. I thought that it was the congestion of the cold! However, it didn’t take too long to determine that this soup was just not going down into the stomach.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say it took me an hour or more before all of those teeny tiny noodles along with the broth, made their way up again. The surgeon had warned me about things getting stuck possibly, and being a serious situation, but who’d have thought?

Chicken noodle soup ????

p.s. any suggestions? One of the tests next week is a gastroscopy, and if I’m coughing, they won’t do it, and on and on it goes! Prayers appreciated also……  Diane

What if We Couldn’t Smile?

A lot of what we say to one another comes not in words, but in the expressions on our faces. What if we wanted to convey to another a simple smile, and what if we couldn’t smile? Think about the number of times in a week, that we smile; at our family, at a co-worker or the other number of people we come in contact with each and every day. Often times our smile can comfort fears or stress, when we encounter someone who needs it.

Many children are born in the world with the inability to smile or eat or even breathe properly, because of being born with a cleft palate or cleft lip. In the poorer countries of the world there often is no medical care, of if there is the cost is just not feasible. That’s why the charitable organization “Operation Smile” came into being, the first time by Dr. Bill Magee and his wife making a trip to the Philippines in 1982. It has grown since then and now travels around the world bringing hope to thousands of children, and their parents who have to watch their child being ostracized by their communities, and in many cases not even going to school.

This organization travels to over 60 countries, with credentialed doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Volunteers come from many countries to participate, in performing safe, effective and cleft palate surgery, and delivers post-operative, and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle-income countries.

I’m not going to give a lot of statistics, because you can find out more about this organization, with this link. Operation Smile… I decided to do this post on their work, because my heart was touched by their television show, and seeing the difference that is made in a family’s life, because of this very worthwhile project. One fact that I will mention that it costs $240 for this 45 minute operation, that changes a child’s life so drastically. If anyone has an interest, there is all the information that you need on their website. I realize that many of you most likely give to various places of  need, but I just felt led to draw attention to this one today.

The evidence is found in these before and after pictures. Notice their beautiful smiles, in the ‘after’ photos.

What if we couldn’t smile?






Outlook is Everything

The past couple of years has been kind of stressful, with personal issues and health concerns. Lately, my husband and I will frequently say something with regard to getting older.

Now I know that someone in their 80’s or 90’s would say that we are not old at all, but I think outlook is everything, and so lately we seem to be feeling that we are old’er’.

In a few months I will be seven decades old. I know someone who has just turned 90 and she is such a vital and active woman, who does quilting, baking, cooking, crocheting etc. I think sometimes that compared to this lovely lady, I feel like the older one. I guess there is some part of me, who is envious of her abilities… “the green-eyed monster”.

It is of course not good to compare oneself, and I know that!………………. It just happens!

I always had hoped to grow old with grace, and not complaining about the hardships of life. Let’s face it, we all have challenges and hardships as we age. They are just different at different stages of life. The early years when we wonder what lies ahead for us; the middle years when we work and strive to make a living and if we have children there are various types of concerns with them; and then when we are able, we retire and are glad that we’re out of the busyness of life.

One’s health I think is a big factor, in how we enjoy our retirement years. It is not that there aren’t good things about aging, because there are. There aren’t the same timetables to keep and life is a lot slower. We don’t have to be accountable for what we do, or what we decide we don’t want to do. I think though, when facing issues with our health, it just tends to wear us down sometimes. We look at the calendar each week to see who has an appointment, or how many appointments we have. Life seems to revolve around this right now.

We do always keep in mind, there are many who face issues with their health a lot more serious than we have. That however, does not alter what we’re going through but therein is the ‘outlook is everything’, and keeping a perspective.

So today I’m feeling kind of ‘old’, and I seem to notice the younger generation a lot, and am a bit wistful. I am thankful for the years when age or disability was not a factor, and we were able to enjoy the activities that we did.

I am also thankful, for having a blog, where I can just say what I’m feeling…….


Just a Thought For You


This is for those of you who are experiencing a difficult time right now……   just remember…………….

Whenever You’re Tempted – Poem

Sunset two on Crosby Lake-001Whenever you’re tempted to doubt your own worth

Or to ponder just what you should do

Perhaps your life seems trivial or harsh

You wonder just who’s the real you.

The pillow you lay on last night

Is wet from the many tears shed

You wonder just how you’ll go on today

And tackle the long day ahead.

This is the time, to take a moment or two

And think of the Creator above

For the Father in Heaven is watching o’er you

And sending His infinite love.

He sees your confusion, He feels your pain

And asks just one thing of you

Call out to Him whatever your need

And trust Him, whatever you do!














DP Challenge – We Can be Taught

Prompt: What makes a teacher great?

A teacher can make all the difference in the life of a child, for example if they have the ability and insight to see the potential in a child, who perhaps is sitting in her seat quietly who is shy, or perhaps the one who is outspoken and sometimes disturbs the class.

The child who is shy might not hold up her hand to answer a question that is asked, because of the fear she may be wrong, and be laughed at, or that others may feel she’s not very smart. She may, on the other hand think that the teacher would never pick her and so feel a sense of rejection.

The outspoken or disruptive child on the other hand, may need some firm but still caring attention in order to be able to have them actually ‘listen’ and hopefully learn.

What the teacher must not do, in my opinion is to dismiss either ‘type’ of personality or ignore the possibility of reaching and bringing out the best in them. Some teachers, although they are very knowledgeable can, if they’re not careful squelch the ability and confidence of a child.  They maybe have their favourite students, and it may be very obvious to all the rest of the class.

‘I’ was that shy child and I remember the number of times when I hoped so much that the teacher would pick me for special tasks, like helping her clean up the classroom and believe it or not, back ‘then’ which was a long time ago one of those jobs entailed cleaning the brushes and blackboards. I also recall many times holding up my hand in class, but not being chosen to answer the question that the teacher was asking. It always seemed to be the same ones she/he picked all the time.

Having said that, there were times that some teachers were kind. I remember one year, it was actually the principal that chose me, to ring the bell at the beginning of the day, and at recesses. I also remember that one Christmas when I went back to school with some new clothes she said how really nice I looked. She made a difference in how I felt about myself.

There is one more thing that I think a teacher can do, and that is to watch for the child who is being bullied or abused.  I think there are signs that they can watch for.

While it’s not a teacher’s responsibility to do a parent’s job, children spend a good part of their life in school, and in essence what I feel a teacher can do for a child; is to give them confidence and self-assurance that they are important and they ‘can’ learn. That’s what makes a teacher ‘great’.


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