Thankfulness Monday – Almost 53 Years…..

It’s Monday and so in keeping with ‘Thankfulness Mondays’ initiated by Bernadette at Haddon Musings… I submit the following post.

Wednesday will be my husbands’ and my 53rd anniversary. We went out yesterday with his brother and wife to celebrate ours’ and theirs’ as well. They’ve been married 45 years.

We had a wonderful dinner at a wonderful restaurant. Unfortunately it seems something didn’t agree with me as 4 hours after, I became ill and didn’t settle at all until 2:30 am. It’s really worn me out, but it doesn’t take away the time we spent together recalling when we met our respective spouses, and the day we were married.

When we have been together for so many years it brings memories and feelings that have just increased with each year. Fuss is made for 25, 50, and 60 year anniversaries, but in fact each year brings with it added blessings.

Thoughts of July 27th 1963 and of the first time we met. I was 15 and he was an ‘older man’ of 19. He was and still is an extrovert and I was very shy. I’m not quite as shy though now, and he has become a little less of an extrovert. I guess that’s what happens over the years. Relationships meld together and each becomes less demanding on having their own way.

There are so many facets that make a marriage, but when asked why I believe we have stood the test of time, I say that good and honest communication, and forgiveness are two things that stand out to me. Of course love, sensitivity, trust,  commitment, and many more things are extremely important; but if we don’t talk honestly and completely, and when we make wrong decisions or downright ‘mistakes’……. forgive each other, then I don’t think a marriage has a chance and the love can be tarnished forever.

Marriage is full of trials and tribulations, but when we stay the course it is beautiful, and so the vows we said before God 53 years ago are fulfilled in each other!

16 years of age and he 20

16 years of age and he 20

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

Last Year

Last Year

Thankfulness Mondays…… Special Visit

In keeping with Thankfulness Mondays initiated by Bernadette from Haddon Musings, I am thankful for a visit for a few days from our great-granddaughter ‘R’.

We don’t too often get a chance to have her stay over with us so it’s a real joy. She’s almost 8 years old and it is a long time since our children or even grandchildren were that age. She has of course the usual electronic devices, and I marvel at how adept she is at using them.

I find that the use of these modern Ipods and Ipads etc. are great, but also find that it is likely better to not do so right before settling down for bed. It took quite a while for her to do so, and I told her it would be better to maybe read something quietly before trying to sleep. Tonight I’m going to read a short story to her, and then maybe tomorrow look for a book that she can read herself. She’s really quite good at reading and understanding a lot of words.

Today, she decided to paint a little picture to give to her Daddy, and tomorrow she’ll do one for Mommy. She likes to be precise in what she’s trying to paint, and likes a lot of colour.

Anyway, today I’m thankful that ‘Nanny and Poppy’ got a visit from a special little girl, who in her own words realizes that she’s a little ‘very’ spoiled sometimes… That’s one of the privileges of being the great- grandparent!




A Little Bird Told Us …….

This morning my husband and I found a little bird under our feeders. I guess his mother brought him there to feed him, but he must have fallen from the tree above.

We picked him up gently and hoped that he was perhaps just a little stunned, but found a box and put some paper towels in it, and put him in it. We gingerly tried to see what was wrong, and suspected that he had broken one leg but thought perhaps still that he might be able to fly away after resting.

His eyes were wide open and he let out a little squawk now and again. We put some water in a dish and he did take a few sips now and again. It was obviously a baby starling, and while they are not the prettiest or gentlest of birds, we none- the- less felt sorry for his mishap. Every now and again we would check on him and still hoped for his recovery. I even checked online to see what we might do, and was going to try to give him some mushy food of some sort and went to check, but alas it looked like the little bird’s fight was over.

It’s strange perhaps to worry about one bird among the hundreds that come and go in our yard and to our feeders, but it saddened us anyway. We delight in watching all of them, and at this time of year we see the new little ones being fed and taught to eat by the mother and/or father birds.

This little bird told us, that he may not be the prettiest one of God’s creation, but he felt just as important as all the rest and maybe he would have said ‘thank you for caring about me anyway!

This is what the little birdie looked like.. though not him!

This is what the little birdie looked like.. though not him!

Yes, We’re Senior !

We’re known as ‘Senior Citizens’, and that carries with it the usual vision of graying or white hair, or even no hair;  some arthritis perhaps and maybe a cane or walker.

Many people do give some respect to the elder generation; some perhaps show impatience in one way or another. It takes us more time to move through the store checkouts, while sometimes we fumble for the correct amount to pay for our purchases. Sometimes while driving, there are those who wish we weren’t in front of them and not going as fast as they’d like us to.

I marvel at the fact that when the light turns green, a few seconds delay gives reason for those behind, a reason to honk their horn.

We’ve become such a busy generation, rushing ‘to and fro’, with little time to really take notice of the people and world around us. The proverbial ‘take time to smell the roses’, is quite apropos.

I suppose with each and every generation, there is less and less time to truly take the time we’d like to enjoy more of what brings contentment and joy into our lives. And those times we wish that we’d see our children and grandchildren and other family more, we have flashbacks of times we too were in too much of a rush sometimes, to visit with those we should have.

When someone pays a compliment of perhaps having wisdom and insight they perhaps don’t, I often think and sometimes make a remark, that I only wish I had some of it earlier in life when I needed it.

That’s the thing about wisdom; it takes a lot of living to gain it!

So, yes we’re ‘Senior Citizens’ but that’s okay!

Thankfulness Monday – God’s Creatures – ‘Great and Small’

Participating in Bernadette’s Thankfulness Mondays’ theme (her blog Haddon’s Musings)……..

Today I’m thankful for all of God’s creatures. Throughout our marriage we’ve had several pets; actually a total of 8 including our current dog Koko(14) and cat Daisy(3).





Most have been rescued animals and or strays. They have all had their special qualities and personalities, and have brought much laughter, happiness and comfort into our lives and those of our children.

Of course there are many kind of animals and creatures of all kinds in our world. Each one is unique and so many with variations of colour and habits.

Our latest wild ‘pet’ is a small chipmunk we have named ‘Dale’. Some will remember a cartoon chipmunk with the same name. He took a liking to my husband, and now comes looking for his peanuts several times a day. He is going to have quite a collection when the winter comes,  and he needs food in his little den or whatever he calls home. There’s a few chipmunks that we feed, but he’s the only daring one that comes to seek us out.

I did a short video the other day of one of his visits, but unfortunately it seems I can’t download it here on WordPress without a premium cost, so I’ve just added some photos.  Anyway, I am thankful for all of God’s creatures and the joy they bring into our lives.

IMG_0647 IMG_0653























Thankfulness Monday – ‘A New Day’

Because of Bernadette …(her blog is) Haddon’s Musings I have decided to participate in her weekly ‘thankfulness Monday’ posts. I agree with her that perhaps if we can concentrate on things we have to be thankful for,  with a goal to really appreciate all that we do have, we can offset some of the negativity that is so prevalent these days.  One only has to listen to the news to know that there is much of it around us.

Today I’m thankful for the fact that each day is new. We have a new beginning  to forge ahead and start afresh. Perhaps to give a different perspective to issues in our life. Perhaps to realize that nothing is impossible; nothing is without hope.

For every challenge that we face there is a solution, though we sometimes fail to see it immediately. There are times we doubt that anything can change, but with a new day, there is always a new outlook possible

As a Christian, I turn to my faith and to God. The scriptures are full of encouragement, and while I don’t know a lot of verses, there are some that are indelibly imprinted in my mind. One of my favourites is ‘ Philippians 4 vs 13… “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest”.

Anyway, today I am thankful that tomorrow is a brand new day, and all things become possible!

AGE … Fact and/or State of Mind

I guess that I’m starting to feel my age… I’ll be 71 in a couple of days, and I’m feeling like it. But I also realize that while age is a fact, it is also a state of mind.

Of course a feeling of wellness helps to offset some of the feelings that come with being a ‘senior’ but regardless, limitations happen as well. I can’t do the things I used to be able to, or think as clearly as I once did.

Sometimes though you meet someone like I did recently who has defied the mental aspects of growing older, though frail in body. I met ‘Elsie’ at the community centre I joined to do warm water exercises. I look forward to seeing her on Thursdays when I go, as that’s her day to do so as well. She actually lives in the home where the pool and centre is. She moves very slowly and requires help to get into the pool, but she attempts to walk in it and exercise what she refers to as her ‘cracking bones’.

Elsie always has a story of times in her life, like when she was young and could swim across the lake where she lived; and how she wished she could still swim. Or like when she was a young woman in England during the bombing in WW2 and being in a shelter and helping a woman who was burned. Or planning a move to the U.S.A with her daughter who separated from her husband, and helping her to buy a home… only to have her daughter die during the planning of the move.

Anyway, Elsie is 95 and I thought how lovely it is that she can recount so clearly the events of her life. I can only hope and pray that while I age, somehow I too will be able to remember some special moments of my life.

Because there have been many!  ………………. Diane