Yes I have been nominated yet once more…… for the Illuminating Blogger Award by Terry at

Terry is a woman who is helping her brother deal with his Parkinson’s Disease, but more than that she is his caregiver and adviser and loving sister. Her blogs vary with stories of their lives,  but also fiction stories from time to time, poetry and photography.  Her site is definitely worth visiting. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you have given me.

The rules are for this award:

1.Leave a comment on the original award site

2.Choose a random fact about yourself to share

3.Choose 5 bloggers to pass the torch to

Alright, a random thought about me,

I used to be in the habit of doubting and always second guessing myself, but somewhere along the line… not sure when, I decided to trust my instincts more and believe and trust in the discerning spirit I feel within me.

There are so many lovely bloggers that I read daily and are worthy, but I need to narrow it down to five so here are my choices:






9 Responses

  1. Thank you for including me. I hope you know how much your comments, insights and prayers mean to me!


  2. Diane, you humble me! Thank you for the award
    I love what you wrote about yourself!


  3. Diane, I am eternally grateful for your thoughtfulness in nominating Grandmother Musings for the Illuminating Award.

    Is it amazing, that when we stop being afraid of ourselves and trust, we find out that we are so much more than we imagined. You Are AWESOME!!! ;)


  4. Thank you again – you light up my life in so many ways with your wisdom and insight and the kindness you share.


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