You Know Why I’m Thanking You…….


Letter to God…. re my question to Him June 2014 

Dear God,  I’m thanking You,

Not for riches or gain

Not for power or might

Not for wisdom or prestige

Not even for better health

But I thank You because………..


Our family is being restored

Healing is taking place

Forgiveness is happening

Laughter is possible between us

Joy is in ‘this mother’s’ heart


You know, that today that’s why I’m thanking You




A Tough Subject-Assisted Suicide

See note at bottom of post….

I’ve read a few times recently in the blogging sphere and in the news, of those wishing to die by assisted suicide. This is a really tough and controversial subject, but I decided to weigh in on it. This is MY opinion only!

I’m going to write about this outside of my Christian belief, because while I feel that is a valid consideration, that is not what our laws are based on, in this decision.

There are many people with diseases and conditions that are not curable, and are very debilitating. Some of those afflicted wish that assisted suicide was a choice, and would like the laws changed to reflect their wishes.

In our society as it is now, while assisted suicide is not the law. there are situations that occur in which a patient is in extreme duress relating to pain and suffering, that the doctors are within their protocol to not prolong the suffering of a person, in that there are no life saving resuscitation methods or machines used to keep that person alive. In most of these instances pain medication is used to alleviate the distress as much as possible. At least that is my understanding and experiences that I am aware of.

While I do understand that there are those that do not fall into that category, and are just not wanting to keep living with their debilitating condition, I’m going to express my feelings why this would be difficult to regulate.

To me, the most significant reason is that it would be such a ‘relative and arbitrary’ decision for a group of people; medical, psychological, legal and moral… to sit and ‘judge’ whether or not to apply this to an individual. What are they to use as their basis. The disease, the perceived progression of it, the symptoms and condition, or just the fact that the person has decided they don’t want to live anymore? What then if it’s not a medical condition but a mental or psychological issue that the person has? Where is the line drawn?

Photo Credit photos

Photo Credit photos

If a law were to be made to allow a person to make this decision, what then if the family of that person objects? What then if a family decides FOR the person with a lengthy illness…. for example someone in a coma, or an elderly person who the family thinks that their loved one would want it, or THEY want it? What then if our society decides that someone who is in a vegetative state, or is very old and bed-ridden and is using up Medicare costs? It’s not such a stretch…..

Where and who and how will it progress from one law, to allow assisted suicide for those who feel they have that right?

It will be said of course that I don’t have an illness that is such that I want to end my life. Incidentally I do have M.S. but am not severely debilitated by it.  I will say though, that in my lifetime I did want to die, and in my depression if such a law had existed, even though my Christian belief is that only God should have that decision, I ‘might’ have still done it. The reason I maybe would have is that all I could see is darkness and sadness and I would not have been making a rational or conscious decision. Being free from depression many years now, I can see that so much would have been changed if I had done so; in my family and friends’ and my life. So there will be many, and maybe some who read this that say…. that is not their situation. Their situation is different and they want to be able to decide and that they are of sound mind.

All I can say is, that while I sympathize greatly for them, it would be such a ‘slippery slope’ if such a law was made, and how far does that slope extend?… ‘in MY opinion!

NOTE:  I’m sorry if this showed up twice in your notifications… I had thought I would take this down for a couple of reasons… so I put it back into ‘draft’ but I found out it still showed up only unable to comment…. So I thought I might as well put it back on… I’ve not done this before and so didn’t think about the fact you may get it twice.. Sorry for confusion… Diane


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

(on a light note)   I thought I’d put a picture of our cat Daisy ..or should I say Queen ‘Daisy’ as she takes over my husband’s recliner. The funny thing is, he let her stay there and he went and sat somewhere else……Doesn’t she just know we’re putty in her hands….



When It Just Doesn’t Feel Right


Lately I have been confused over something, and I won’t really even go into what it is because it’s a bit complex; but it most likely happens to everyone at one time or another.

It is an accumulation over time of things that we might hear, or something we watch someone doing or saying. The first time we shrug it off and don’t really think too much about it. The second time we seem to recall …the previous time but again we may not dwell on it. Then, over a period of time it starts to bother us but we aren’t sure what we are going to do about it.

Maybe we think, we are over-reacting or taking something the wrong way and in actual fact start to doubt that there is anything wrong at all. One day however, we start to think that indeed there is something that just doesn’t feel right.

When we ‘know that we know’ is when we have to make a decision. Will we be able to discuss it or will we just back away, or will we just ignore it and think that we can ‘live with it’? That’s a tough decision sometimes.

I’ve pretty well decided that I can’t just walk away without expressing what I’m feeling because it’s important to hear the others’ point of view and maybe to explain where my thinking is mixed up or not valid. I’ve lived too long to not know that I can be wrong…. yes I did say that … “I can be wrong”.

I guess what I’m trying to say that even if it is explained, does it take away from the fact that what I am feeling, ‘just doesn’t feel right to me?’

So at that point, am I willing to walk away? By the way I’m not talking about a family issue.. and I mention that only because some of you will be aware in the past year or so, there has been some of that.

But never the less it will be hard to walk away, because of the bond that has developed. I haven’t made a decision yet because I really want to talk it over to gain insight and understanding that I may at this point be lacking.

If anyone feels led to pray or has thoughts, I welcome them.  I hope that I haven’t been so vague that none of this makes sense. If so, I really do apologize and maybe this is only to make me aware of how much this is bothering me………………  Diane



A Lot of Hullaballoo About Nothing

How many times since I started blogging in 2011 have I signed in to make a comment on another blogger’s post and all I did was click on the little ‘W’ for my name to appear and I would make a comment? That’s the trouble; when one does something one way repeatedly and has tunnel vision.

So my issue with not being able to comment on .com sites is because I only tried ‘that’ way to sign in! ….. Tunnel Vision!!!!

It took the patience of my nephew (who is more like a brother as we grew up together, me being only 18 days older than him) to demonstrate that the frustration I’ve had for so long, needn’t have been.

Today, when I showed him the comment process, he asked if I could just enter my email at the bottom instead of selecting the ‘W’ for WordPress. So, I did that and lo and behold after entering my email my WordPress information appeared and I was able to comment. In my head, that way of signing in was only for non-wordpress users and so it just never crossed my mind.

Did I mention he is very smart…. and I am ‘not’….

We get so set in our ways, at least I do, that often times I don’t see the forest for the trees. How many times relating to other areas of my life, do I do that? Maybe some of you can identify as well. Perhaps the way we only want to do things the way that we’re used to doing, and when another option is presented, we really don’t want to know about it, or change.

Anyway, the case is closed and I am so happy for all of you… as you don’t have to hear about it anymore… Of course I am ecstatic. While I do not know why the WordPress toolbar does not display on .com sites, I no longer care… it will remain a mystery. As long as I can give my 2 cents worth of comments.

Thanks ‘G’…..   Diane

Notice About Some Sites I Visit

While I have mentioned this before, I’m going to again. For a long time now…. maybe since I moved here almost two years ago, I have an issue when I go to make a comment on sites that do not have a URL ending in

For the most part they are sites ending in .com only or the odd other personal URL.

I have extreme difficulty leaving a comment on these sites and sometimes I can’t at all. It’s because the WordPress toolbar at the top of the site does not display. I have been everywhere to try to solve the mystery, and it has been finally narrowed down to the communication between the desktop computer that my husband uses, and my laptop. My ISP did a lot of research and said it was not an issue they could deal with, but suggested that some technician had to do a ‘hard coding’. What that means I don’t know, and I did try to find out. The problem is in explaining what I don’t understand to the technical people who I have contact with online… ‘the geeksquad’. I tried to explain it to them but gave up…

I even read up on what I could find on the internet but it was too technical and I wouldn’t dare try to do anything that I didn’t understand.

This may seem a bit trifle to many, but it is so frustrating as more and more bloggers are upgrading to the .com sites. What I ‘try’ to do and sometimes works is to select several other blogs that have been written and keep clicking back and forth on them until at some point the magical ‘WordPress toolbar appears’. Then I know I can comment. This usually takes several minutes.

So, if anyone has a clue what that terminology ‘hard coding’ means I would soooooooooooooooo appreciate you explaining it to me in a way I can explain it to someone who can do it for me.

And… if you have a URL that is involved in this issue, you’ll maybe know why you don’t see as many comments from me…………… Diane


My Favourite Date

greatdatesThis post is a challenge; actually a contest put forth by Paige at ‘tales from the laundry room’ . She’s done of a review of a book called $10 Great Dates by Peter & Heather Larson and David & Claudia Arp;  and decided to offer a copy of the book for a best date, or favourite date etc. etc; to be voted on by her husband and children.

My perhaps most memorable and therefore ‘favourite date’ was my second date with my now husband ‘W’.  I’ll preface it by a little history leading up to it.

I met this ‘young man’ at our local grocery store as he was a check-out clerk. My mother and I used to shop there all the time, but after meeting him I offered to help out my Mom a bit more by telling her I’d be glad to go and get the loaf of bread we needed or butter or whatever I could think of. I used every opportunity to just see ‘W’. He would just smile and we’d exchange a few words, but all I could think of is how I wished he’d ask me out for a date. I told my mother this and she’d just laugh. It was just around this time of year, and our National Exhibition was about to open. I told my Mom how I wished ‘W’ would ask me to go there maybe.

One day when I was at the school yard with my friend playing hand ball it started to pour. As we ran to get out of the rain and go home, a car was passing and ‘W’ asked me if he could drive me home. Well, it was only a couple of blocks and so I said yes. On the way home he asked me out to go bowling, and of course I said yes. You might think that would have been my favourite, but it was the second date as after the first one he asked me to go to the Exhibition. That was exactly where I was hoping to go, and so again I said yes.

We had a really good time playing the various games and trying to win a stuffed animal. ‘W’ was very outgoing and I was very shy and it was great to go on the rides and have cotton candy and play the games and just have fun!

Wally and I CNEWe had our very first picture taken there and we laugh still every time we look at it, because I tease him. He had his mouth wide open and I tell him that should have been a sign to me of how much I would be listening to him for years to come!

He also bought my first piece of jewelry, and I still have it to this day. It was a heart shaped necklace with his name engraved on it. I guess I consider it even now, as perhaps the most romantic gift that he ever gave to me.necklace

The rest is history, as last year we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary!




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