A Little More News Re Problem I’ve Had – I hope the Last

I sure hope that I won’t have to do any more posts filled with details related to the hack of my email. I would really like to post something frivolous and positive….. and I will.

There is still some nagging details that I need to tell you about. The first is that I’ve opened a new email for blogging and am going to delete the Hotmail account when Microsoft adjusts the settings so that I can. I did get confirmation that I own the email and reset my password. The only problem is that there are two identifications that M.S. uses; one the the password but the other is the verification telephone number. The thing is, the hacker changed both when he hacked and yet the only thing they allow you to change is the password. So, what happened the first time is that they managed to somehow take the email back after I changed the password because I think they notified them.. It’s all a mystery really.

The thing is, that I went to delete the account today and I couldn’t because the telephone number was not mine, even though the password was. I don’t think they can get back in, but I just want to delete that account for closure of the whole mess.  After literally searching for hours today to find someone to explain the issue with…. either by email or phone (forget the phone)… I finally did an email and asking for them to find a resolution. I’m supposed to have a reply within 24 hours.. I hope with an answer!

Because I’ve been somewhat greatly distracted with all of this, I need to apologize. While deleting everything I could and trying to transfer some of your blogs to my new email… I inadvertently deleted not only everything on the old one, but on the new one as well. The name is the same almost and I guess I lost concentration and before I realized what I’d done everything was gone.  I couldn’t believe it and was so mad at myself.

The new email is writerwannabe763@gmail at dot com  See what I mean about the two names but I didn’t want a big change.

On the positive side, our daughter and her husband and two grandsons are going to be visiting on Thursday. Those of you who have been following for awhile know the importance of the visit. We did see three of them for a day during a hockey tournament in Buffalo, about a month ago. But it’s the first time they’ve really seen us or our new home since we moved in October 2012. They live in Chicago and we’re in Ontario.

Sorry for the long-winded post. I was told by a friend and fellow blogger that the ‘jerk’… sorry but he is and more… sent a second email at least to some, contradicting my post and saying it was not a scam. The detail that this ‘thief’ went into signing my name to various emails as I was in the habit of doing was unreal. My other email account is used, as well as for others, the prayer chain at our church and for which I usually sign ‘In Christ’…Diane…and he signed the same way. He didn’t reckon on the wisdom of those he sent to though, because in his scam email, he (pretending to be me)  didn’t… and they knew I would!’t ‘ask for prayer’…! By the way if any of you received the email through the other one I had mentioned to send it to spam, but again I was reminded that if you did,  you wouldn’t receive any further legitimate ones from me….

I do pray this is the end of it all, and that peace reigns once more in my home life and my blogging life….. (and you won’t have to hear about it again) ……………………………..Diane


Unbelievable Runaround !!

I have spent so much time and effort and yes tears trying to clear up this mess of the hacked email, that I don’t believe it. How a big corporation such as Microsoft can cause such a runaround, is beyond my understanding.

I thought that the original ‘hacking’ was over and then of course found that they sent out a ‘scam EMERGENCY email to some maybe all of my contacts, for which I did send out an alert.

Last night I realized they had somehow changed the password and alternate contact email AGAIN!  So I tried first of all to phone hoping maybe there would be help 24/7. Of course they don’t. And I’ve tried online to see if I could explain the situation but again I can’t because before they’ll not even talk or ‘chat online’ with you, unless you give the email and password and of course mine is not showing valid because it’s been hacked.

So I go and answer the questions which are totally inadequate for this situation as it’s not just forgetting my password it’s hacked with them stealing it. But I go through the questions and fill out the form to verify I own the email. They advise me this morning that I didn’t give enough information and so please do it again. Then it says it could take up to 24 hours, and so I go and don’t see their confirmation link soon enough… must be a matter of minutes… and when I go to confirm and follow their link … it says it’s expired as too much time has taken place.

They tell me to go through the process again which I did, after trying in vain to try and get someone… a ‘LIVING’ person to talk to me but find they don’t give phone support for a Hotmail account, and am directed back where I started. And so in defeat I go back to complete the questions and form only to have them say they are doing maintenance on the site and to come back later.

So you guessed it, I went back in about a half hour and complete everything once again, this time after completing it they say there’s been too many submissions on ‘this account’ in one day. They have to work on other accounts and to come back in 24 hours.

I guess I’m venting because as I said I can’t believe that this large conglomerate cannot handle something like this more effectively. And the people that I did talk to, one in Microsoft Canada and a local support store could not have cared less. “Sorry” they say that’s your only option and we can’t give you phone support.

So a ‘heads up’…. if you ever run into anything like this be prepared for the biggest runaround there could be. Microsoft may be big but they are not customer friendly, at least not for the ‘little guy’……..  End Of  Rant!

By the way, I will be opening up a new account for blogging and getting as far away from Microsoft as I can at least in my email; I don’t have much choice in the internet as Windows 8 is owned by………!!!. I’ll let you know when it’s set up. Thanks for listening to a very frustrated person and fellow blogger……  Diane


Scam Alert

Per my previous emails and being hacked, if you get an email in my name subject Emergency or anything that


doesn’t sound like me do not open or if you open, disregard…. Again, I am sorry for this being an issue.…   Diane

Update on my High Jacked Email

Hi again, Well after dong some research and changing email passwords and contact information of my email, I have control again. I have two email accounts, one with Google, and one with (Microsoft) Hotmail.  As it turns our both of them were high jacked from someone in Nigeria.

They managed to gain control over both and actually went and changed my password and alternate contact information as well.  I was blocked and so I didn’t get the confirmation email about the change, until today asking if I requested the change.

Because of this I don’t know how much information they had access to, so as a precaution if you think there is any problem with your account, I would change your password. They maybe didn’t get any or not too much but from about 11 pm last night until this afternoon,  I couldn’t get access so I don’t know if it is possible or not.

I don’t know how they got my information and I just wanted to give you a warning….  Diane

Technical Difficulties You Wouldn’t Believe

I just wrote about the one issue that I have with WordPress and commenting, which I’m still trying to resolve. Then I get an email from Microsoft about my Hotmail account I use for blogging and maybe deleting it for complex reasons having to do with me changing browsers. Then I get an email saying that they aren’t able to connect me to it. By this time I’m trying to figure it all out and what to do to correct everything.

I decide I’ll go to the ‘Geek Squad’ at the store I bought the new computer from in April as we bought the extended support package. BUT then tonight I get advised from Microsoft that someone in Nigeria had tried to access my email account and asking me if this was me or a hacker.

Well, it sure wasn’t me so I follow the link to try and sort this out and change my password, which I did but then I go back and they had tried again to access it and when I guess they couldn’t because I had changed the password, they do something else which evokes another email from Microsoft and by this time not only they are confused but so am I.

So they ask me about recent emails I’ve sent …to whom….subject…. folders opened  etc. which of course I go blank and can only try to remember anything…anything at all! After I think there is some information that will prove it’s me and not the hacker, they say it may take 24 hours to decide whether I’ve given enough information.

Until it seems this is straightened out I am effectively locked out of my email.

Frankly I am a mess, and don’t know how I’m ever going to get this straightened out, but I guess I’ll make the trip to the store Geek Squad tomorrow to see if they can help at all.

So, you’ll know why I may not be able to contact any of you for a while.  I guess I’ll be able to see comments on my blog site but nothing in my email notifications.

As the saying goes…………… “I am sooooo confused”      (p.s. If you believe in prayer Please Do)   Thanks    Diane

Question For You….

My question is, “Do any of you use XPLORNET as your Internet Service Provider?

The reason I’m asking is that for as long as I can remember … probably when we moved here and had to change our ISP because of the area we moved to, I have had difficulty when I go to comment on a blog whose URL does not end in wordpress.com but just .com   Bloggers who have paid a premium to have more control etc. over their blog site….. Several times I did try to broach the issue with Support but didn’t have any luck with finding out the reason … until now!

When I try to post a comment on these .com sites I would get an error message saying ‘comment cannot be posted’. Then I learned a little trick that if I went to one or two or three other posts and then back to the one I want to comment on, finally the WORDPRESS bar at the top of the post would appear, and then I knew I could go and comment without the error message.

Lately, more and more sites are becoming .com ones and so it has been very frustrating to try and leave a comment and sometimes I just could not ever do so.

Recently one (or more involved) WordPress Support staff persevered and we tested everything possible to see if we could find out, and the very last suggestion was to take my computer to a different location with a different ISP and see what happened. Well…. guess what?   It worked using a different ISP.  However, it also could involve the router . The people at XPLORNET  were very good and spent approximately 4 hours + trying various settings and IP addresses etc etc  but unfortunately couldn’t still find out the reason. I tried the ‘ROUTER” company and they weren’t as helpful.

So, back to my question. Does anyone that is reading this use XPLORNET and have they had similar issues or not had … because if you don’t then it might help to know that it is maybe the router… which is ‘Netgear’ in my case although I had a different one previously and it was still a problem. … or perhaps some of your settings make it ‘not’ a problem for you ???  Clear as mud, right?  Hope I’ve explained it okay.

I would so love it if someone maybe can help with this frustrating issue….  Thanks Diane

Finally An Answer

Well, I had my appointment with the Gastroenterologist and got the results of the test I had a month ago, and at least there is something that can be done to alleviate the discomfort I’ve had for the past year.

I didn’t really mention previously but eating has been a real difficulty for me, as well as the other issue with over production of saliva etc.  Very often when I eat, especially a meal at dinnertime, I get pain and sometimes as a result my dinner just doesn’t stay down.  I won’t get into details about it except to say along with the sleeping issue regarding the other aspect mentioned, I just haven’t been feeling very perky.

So the test shows that I have what is called achalasia… a severe motility problem where the food and sometimes liquids just don’t get moved along into my stomach properly. I won’t get into the technicalities of it, but there is minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery that can be done.

While no one looks forward to surgery, the alternative to continue on the way I’ve been, is not an option for me. So my Gastro doctor will be referring me to a surgeon. It can take months to get this done, but he said he was going to try to get me in soon.  I really hope he can, because it has really affected the quality of life for me and has for some time.

I’ve been really ‘dragging’ lately … can’t think right now of a more appropriate word although I’m sure there is a better one. My concentration and energy level has been really low.

This is evident in my blogging as well; reading and writing. Maybe with God’s help and I believe he has already thanks to the many thoughts and prayers of many of you and some others; I may soon be feeling more like me… ‘if I can only remember who that is’… Did I mention my memory is bad too !!!

Anyway, for those who know me and have been following for a while, I just thought I’d share my news with you… Thanks for hanging in there with me!    ………………. Diane




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