Notice About Some Sites I Visit

While I have mentioned this before, I’m going to again. For a long time now…. maybe since I moved here almost two years ago, I have an issue when I go to make a comment on sites that do not have a URL ending in

For the most part they are sites ending in .com only or the odd other personal URL.

I have extreme difficulty leaving a comment on these sites and sometimes I can’t at all. It’s because the WordPress toolbar at the top of the site does not display. I have been everywhere to try to solve the mystery, and it has been finally narrowed down to the communication between the desktop computer that my husband uses, and my laptop. My ISP did a lot of research and said it was not an issue they could deal with, but suggested that some technician had to do a ‘hard coding’. What that means I don’t know, and I did try to find out. The problem is in explaining what I don’t understand to the technical people who I have contact with online… ‘the geeksquad’. I tried to explain it to them but gave up…

I even read up on what I could find on the internet but it was too technical and I wouldn’t dare try to do anything that I didn’t understand.

This may seem a bit trifle to many, but it is so frustrating as more and more bloggers are upgrading to the .com sites. What I ‘try’ to do and sometimes works is to select several other blogs that have been written and keep clicking back and forth on them until at some point the magical ‘WordPress toolbar appears’. Then I know I can comment. This usually takes several minutes.

So, if anyone has a clue what that terminology ‘hard coding’ means I would soooooooooooooooo appreciate you explaining it to me in a way I can explain it to someone who can do it for me.

And… if you have a URL that is involved in this issue, you’ll maybe know why you don’t see as many comments from me…………… Diane


My Favourite Date

greatdatesThis post is a challenge; actually a contest put forth by Paige at ‘tales from the laundry room’ . She’s done of a review of a book called $10 Great Dates by Peter & Heather Larson and David & Claudia Arp;  and decided to offer a copy of the book for a best date, or favourite date etc. etc; to be voted on by her husband and children.

My perhaps most memorable and therefore ‘favourite date’ was my second date with my now husband ‘W’.  I’ll preface it by a little history leading up to it.

I met this ‘young man’ at our local grocery store as he was a check-out clerk. My mother and I used to shop there all the time, but after meeting him I offered to help out my Mom a bit more by telling her I’d be glad to go and get the loaf of bread we needed or butter or whatever I could think of. I used every opportunity to just see ‘W’. He would just smile and we’d exchange a few words, but all I could think of is how I wished he’d ask me out for a date. I told my mother this and she’d just laugh. It was just around this time of year, and our National Exhibition was about to open. I told my Mom how I wished ‘W’ would ask me to go there maybe.

One day when I was at the school yard with my friend playing hand ball it started to pour. As we ran to get out of the rain and go home, a car was passing and ‘W’ asked me if he could drive me home. Well, it was only a couple of blocks and so I said yes. On the way home he asked me out to go bowling, and of course I said yes. You might think that would have been my favourite, but it was the second date as after the first one he asked me to go to the Exhibition. That was exactly where I was hoping to go, and so again I said yes.

We had a really good time playing the various games and trying to win a stuffed animal. ‘W’ was very outgoing and I was very shy and it was great to go on the rides and have cotton candy and play the games and just have fun!

Wally and I CNEWe had our very first picture taken there and we laugh still every time we look at it, because I tease him. He had his mouth wide open and I tell him that should have been a sign to me of how much I would be listening to him for years to come!

He also bought my first piece of jewelry, and I still have it to this day. It was a heart shaped necklace with his name engraved on it. I guess I consider it even now, as perhaps the most romantic gift that he ever gave to me.necklace

The rest is history, as last year we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary!



His Special Birthday

On Wednesday our oldest son ‘J’ celebrates his 50th birthday. It’s a milestone of course and I just want to acknowledge his special day.

Jim smiling 2011




Sometimes it’s hard to realize

That it’s been 50 years

That you came into this world

And into our lives

The joys that you have brought us are countless

You have a heart that makes room for all

Your family

Your friends

And those who need a friend

You have always tried to give your best

In whatever you do

I think God is pleased

As you’ve been true to your faith

You’ve been a loving caring son

And just in case you need a reminder

We love you very much



Confusion Reigns But This Too Shall Pass!

Right now it is so hard to concentrate; confusion is how I would explain is the state of mind I’m in. I say confusion because I can’t pinpoint why I can’t think of anything positive to write about.

It’s not that there isn’t positive things around me. We have our home and freedom to do whatever we want…we being my husband ‘W’ and I. We have all the necessities of life. We have our little doggie and kitty to share our home.

I have to believe it’s a combination of factors that have developed over this past year especially.. the health issues which still aren’t resolved until I see the surgeon… the situation with the dynamics of some family relationships and of course the recent trouble with my email and computer..

Maybe it’s as simple and complex as being tired for a prolonged period of time. I know what depression is like, and it’s not that…simply a restlessness and yes ‘confusion’ that right now seems ever-present. I wanted so much to write something light-hearted and maybe even humorous, and it bothers me so much not to be able to.

As a Christian I know this scripture, as I used to quote it often when I was depressed…”God is not the author of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind“. That’s what I’m lacking right now, a sound mind. I’m still not sleeping enough at night, and I do wonder just how long a body can keep going without proper sleep. I keep telling ‘W’ I don’t think I can go on like this, and yet the body does and I do!

So, why am I writing this? I guess just because by putting thoughts and words on paper… well computer actually, it helps to get some of this out of my head.

I so want to feel some strength and write something uplifting and ‘light’…. if only this confusion in my head would clear….

This too shall pass and sooner rather than later I hope!

As an after-thought I thought I would add some paintings I have done over the last little while-remembering they are only amateur and done for my enjoyment…. But that’s positive! … Diane

Daisy our cat -had a bit of trouble with whiskers Didn't have right brush

Daisy our cat -had a bit of trouble with whiskers Didn’t have right brush

My Red Roses

My Red Roses

Simply done a Pink Rose

Simply done a Pink Rose

My friend's doggie Milo

My friend’s doggie Milo



Question and Help ???

I’m just about exhausted with problems with computer and other online issues. Today I come to my blog site and there is no ‘notification icon’ on my site. The one that notifies us of new followers, comments and replies to comments I’ve made on other sites.

I did a check on WordPress Support and couldn’t find any answer. I will go back and find a person to ask if I have to but it usually takes time.. and before I do I thought maybe someone that reads my blog might know what happened to it, and how to resolve it.

I sure would appreciate it.

NOTE:  I thought I would try another browser just after I wrote this and with firefox it works.. But don’t know why Internet Explorer all of a sudden did this… Will need to check into this further but at least it works in Firefox…

ANSWER FOUND:  I  went to WordPress Support and thanks to timethief  she told me to check the compatibility settings in Tools and make sure that if wordpress was there ‘compatibility’ was turned off… ie … ‘removed from’ and lo and behold it fixed the issue.

I left this up just in case anyone else may benefit from the information…. thanks to those who gave advice.. Diane


Sometimes things don’t make sense!

Some of you will remember a little girl in BC who was taken from her home for a year and finally returned… Well someone recently in the church I attend, asked for prayer for another young girl.

She was fostered by a couple and then legally adopted by the Hodgins family (in the States) The biological father was serving time in jail given 10-15 years. While he was in jail he set in motion a law suit to take her away from the only parents the girl knew (her name is Sonya and she is 10 years old) Believe it or not a judge gave the girl in Jan. 14 to the biological father. The adoptive parents have been fighting this and now have 45 days approximately, to try to overturn this decision. Could we who believe in prayer, pray that they are successful.

Sometime the law doesn’t make much sense, giving a child to a virtual stranger. There is a link if you want to see it, or you can search yourself. I am posting this because it really touches my heart and I believe that prayer and positive thoughts accomplish marvelous things.

An Explanation – Why Did I Try So Hard?

I’m not going into what’s been happening again re the hacker. But what I did want to mention about why I kept trying so hard to ‘fix’ the problem.

First and foremost I was really angry that this happened and that those that I contacted through both my emails were sent scam emails.

The reason though that I persevered so relentlessly is that it is second nature for me to do so. The last position I had before retiring for health reasons, (Multiple Sclerosis) consisted of ‘problem solving’. I worked for a Christian non-profit overseas world relief humanitarian organization. It was therefore of utmost importance to find out why something negative happened in their dealing with us. We needed to assure people that we were honest and trustworthy and so if something wasn’t right, either to do with their donation sent to us or finding out something perhaps about their sponsorship, then by golly I was going to get to the bottom of things and find out what they needed to know. That sometimes took a lot of researching, time and effort.

So when this happened I went into the same mode of thinking. The problem was that, because of the electronic way of handling everything now with voice mail, standardized letters, electronic responses by email, form letters or comment areas or lack thereof there was simply NO WAY to get the answers I needed; a total block of human contact whereby I could explain the circumstances.

To me this was not only unacceptable but ridiculous and showed the lack of caring of big business.

I wanted justice and resolution but alas there was/is none available. This was not what I could easily accept and I felt not only defeated and frustrated but disillusioned as well.

That was hard for someone like me, who was used to never giving up until I had the answer. The thing is I took some of you along with me and while I think that I dwelt on it too much, the reason I began this blog was to put my feelings and concerns into words, and so that’s what I did. I’m sure that I turned some off with talking about it but aside from apologizing for writing about something that perhaps seemed excessive…. all I can say is ‘I am who I am’… and it’s hard to change when I’m close to hitting the seventh decade of my life.

I must give a special thank you to my nephew (only16 days younger than me) who is in BC for all his help and support in trying to sort this out.



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