Question For You….

My question is, “Do any of you use XPLORNET as your Internet Service Provider?

The reason I’m asking is that for as long as I can remember … probably when we moved here and had to change our ISP because of the area we moved to, I have had difficulty when I go to comment on a blog whose URL does not end in but just .com   Bloggers who have paid a premium to have more control etc. over their blog site….. Several times I did try to broach the issue with Support but didn’t have any luck with finding out the reason … until now!

When I try to post a comment on these .com sites I would get an error message saying ‘comment cannot be posted’. Then I learned a little trick that if I went to one or two or three other posts and then back to the one I want to comment on, finally the WORDPRESS bar at the top of the post would appear, and then I knew I could go and comment without the error message.

Lately, more and more sites are becoming .com ones and so it has been very frustrating to try and leave a comment and sometimes I just could not ever do so.

Recently one (or more involved) WordPress Support staff persevered and we tested everything possible to see if we could find out, and the very last suggestion was to take my computer to a different location with a different ISP and see what happened. Well…. guess what?   It worked using a different ISP.  However, it also could involve the router . The people at XPLORNET  were very good and spent approximately 4 hours + trying various settings and IP addresses etc etc  but unfortunately couldn’t still find out the reason. I tried the ‘ROUTER” company and they weren’t as helpful.

So, back to my question. Does anyone that is reading this use XPLORNET and have they had similar issues or not had … because if you don’t then it might help to know that it is maybe the router… which is ‘Netgear’ in my case although I had a different one previously and it was still a problem. … or perhaps some of your settings make it ‘not’ a problem for you ???  Clear as mud, right?  Hope I’ve explained it okay.

I would so love it if someone maybe can help with this frustrating issue….  Thanks Diane

Finally An Answer

Well, I had my appointment with the Gastroenterologist and got the results of the test I had a month ago, and at least there is something that can be done to alleviate the discomfort I’ve had for the past year.

I didn’t really mention previously but eating has been a real difficulty for me, as well as the other issue with over production of saliva etc.  Very often when I eat, especially a meal at dinnertime, I get pain and sometimes as a result my dinner just doesn’t stay down.  I won’t get into details about it except to say along with the sleeping issue regarding the other aspect mentioned, I just haven’t been feeling very perky.

So the test shows that I have what is called achalasia… a severe motility problem where the food and sometimes liquids just don’t get moved along into my stomach properly. I won’t get into the technicalities of it, but there is minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery that can be done.

While no one looks forward to surgery, the alternative to continue on the way I’ve been, is not an option for me. So my Gastro doctor will be referring me to a surgeon. It can take months to get this done, but he said he was going to try to get me in soon.  I really hope he can, because it has really affected the quality of life for me and has for some time.

I’ve been really ‘dragging’ lately … can’t think right now of a more appropriate word although I’m sure there is a better one. My concentration and energy level has been really low.

This is evident in my blogging as well; reading and writing. Maybe with God’s help and I believe he has already thanks to the many thoughts and prayers of many of you and some others; I may soon be feeling more like me… ‘if I can only remember who that is’… Did I mention my memory is bad too !!!

Anyway, for those who know me and have been following for a while, I just thought I’d share my news with you… Thanks for hanging in there with me!    ………………. Diane




Hi, I decided to do a short follow-up on my previous post “Understanding”.

I don’t think I made it very clear in it, what I was intending to say. By using the ‘example’ I did, mentioning the word depression, I believe that it was taken to be the focal point of the post. That was just my personal experience and I used it as an analogy, and unintentionally I think that the whole post was taken as referring to it, and perhaps mental illness in particular.

My thought was actually thinking about day to day situations, such a perhaps feeling that a person has be ‘slighted in some way, or perhaps been hurt by someone, perhaps overlooked for a promotion,  or disappointed in some area of their life, that they were having a difficult time letting go of. Perhaps so much so, that it was affecting their well-being.

I do feel bad that anyone perhaps going through any form of mental illness thought that I was saying it was as simple as ‘forgetting the past’ or even the proverbial horror statement sometimes made by a person not understanding depression etc…. “snap out of it”.

I feel that I was insensitive not realizing how anyone reading might take what I’d said, so I feel a need to apologize. I know that I don’t really need to say that, but I wanted to….. Diane




Understanding ….

I was reading over the words I ‘imprinted’ on my site, one of which is ‘understanding’, and I wondered about the meaning of it.

While I try to be very understanding, I thought about the fact that perhaps it’s not always the best. Is it possible to be too understanding to another person and therefore enable a person to not try to climb out of their situation? Is it possible to console and agree with a person so much so that they don’t feel a need to change at all?

Don’t get me wrong; I totally believe that we need to look out for one another and be compassionate.

I think there’s an ‘invisible’  line’ though when we have to realize that perhaps what the other person needs is a gentle firm nudge push to try and  change their outlook and their approach to their situation. I’m trying to think of an example.

When I was in the throes of depression, some of the people I knew, weren’t aware of how to deal with me, and so basically avoided me or just didn’t react. Neither of those were helpful, and led to me feeling alone or like I was a bother. There were some who tried to help, but just couldn’t. There were several psychiatrists and therapists also that tried, but so many of them basically didn’t.

In retrospect I think the reason most of them couldn’t help me, is that they delved and concentrated too much in the past. It’s a cliché but talking about my childhood and the fact I didn’t have a father, and a somewhat unsettled childhood…. got too much attention. I think by doing so, I relived and dwelt on negativity. The more sympathy and ‘understanding’ I got, the more I believed I had something to get depressed about.

Please….  I lived through many years intermittently from depression, and so I know it’s not caused by any one thing, and that it cannot be dismissed as unimportant. My childhood had some part I suppose in it, but it was not the totality of it. Depression is so complex, and it happens to many people. And I’m not talking specifically about depression. That was only an example.

All I’m saying is that if we constantly give only understanding without trying to help the person see that at some point they need to put the past in the past, and move forward then I think we do them a disservice. Finding that point where we should switch from understanding to suggesting it’s time to move on is the key.  A person who is grieving for instance, cannot be rushed into a timeline where someone else tells them it’s time to stop. We have to be so sensitive to when and what the circumstances are, before we assume it’s time to say to move on. .

So again, understanding is something that is part of compassion, but I think we just need to make sure it doesn’t in some cases enable the person… instead of help them.

Footnote: There are some times when it is totally inappropriate to suggest ‘moving on’.. and I would hope that one would know when that is.

Sometimes we just do…..

Most times it’s not an intended thing, but never the less many people if not all do it at some point in their life. We hurt someone by something said or done or unsaid or not done.

Perhaps it’s just forgetting to say thank you for something done for us. Perhaps it’s a careless word spoken in gossiping. Maybe someone has told you something in confidence, and you share it with someone else and your friend who trusted you finds out.

Maybe it someone you consider your friend who ends up using your friendship for their own selfish purposes, such as happened to a friend of mine recently. Occasionally someone you have believed in is found to not have deserved it.

Families are not exempt from unintentionally hurting you either. It’s really hard when it is someone very close to you, because the bond is stronger and so the hurt is also. Many if not most times you make excuses for them and try to let it pass.

There are times in some families where the hurt is egregious because of harm done and those are very different then what I’m talking about.

For the lesser types of hurt,  even though you are human and can’t forget easily, you know that for your own sake…. you need to forgive! For to not do this, the hurt will fester and grow and vex your very spirit.

But a little piece of your heart is never quite the same. When this happens though it makes you so very conscious of your own words and actions towards others.

And so I guess there is something positive that comes from the experience after all!

footnote: the next time I post it will be of a positive nature… I promise!





Unfinished business….

This is something ‘pending’ that I need to do.

This painting is another ‘practice’ one for a friend and fellow blogger ‘C’ who asked me to paint her a picture with red/golds/creams…. so that I might eventually be able to paint it in a somewhat larger size.

I told her I’d practice on a small one and this is the latest one I did and it’s not nearly   perfect, but I wanted her to see it. I’m still not sure that I can do a big one, or if I can get the colors or the picture right… one doesn’t become an artist overnight or easily. I am flattered that she asked.. don’t misunderstand…. however I really only intended it for a hobby and to putter around. .

However, here it is for her to see!



Just For Awhile…..

Just for awhile, I may be absent a bit more from blogging or interacting. I know some of you also slow down somewhat in the summer or for various other reasons.

My concentration level has been low for some time now because of being so tired and for personal situations going on in our family. I have been finding it so hard to keep up reading blogs and posting.

So, with that said I am not giving up blogging and I will be following blogs as I can but if I’m not present and accounted for too much for awhile on your site, you will know why.

Blogging has become a part of me since I started in November 2011, and I have made so many dear friends … it will always be a part of me.

So, as I said I will be here but just not as regularly. I am hoping to regain my strength physically and emotionally.

I will be around!…..   Diane

P.S. If anyone wants or has to contact me they can on my blog or by email at



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